Chore tic tac toe

Now that my daughter is getting to be old enough to start helping with chores, I have been thinking of ways to make chores fun.  Here was my first idea: Chore Tic-Tac-Toe.  For now, she needs to get three X’s in a row in order to “win.”  When my younger child is old enough, I will have them play each other each week in a Tic Tac Toe game.  One will be X’s, and the other will be O’s.  They’ll get to take a turn for each chore.

Here is what my chart looks like.  I used pictures because my daughter is not yet old enough to read.  You can print this out (see the link to a jpeg of the chore chart at the bottom of the post) and then put it in a photo album sleeve and use a dry erase marker to create the X’s and O’s.  Or, you can put it on the refrigerator and use X and O magnets.

This is a printable as well, so you can click on the image to pull up the chart to print it out.