Choosing the Best Type of Pillow

The bed is the place we long to visit at the end of every tiring day, so it should be a comfortable place. Sadly, the recharge and recovery experience is quite often ruined by bad pillows.

Bad pillows cause discomfort, affecting overall sleep quality. Stacking pillows to create a sense of improvement does not really help much either, as they usually take a toll on the neck and even affect posture when lying down.

Finding the pillow that best suits your needs for much-needed rest usually makes all the difference. It’s why experts recommend to test different pillows.

Why Do Pillows Matter?

Sleep is not all about getting some rest after a tiring day. It is also about waking up without any pain, maintaining a healthy posture, securing good body alignment, and getting proper support for your body.

Otherwise, problems like crunching, twisting, and craning are possible dangers that lead to health problems and lack of sleep.

You can avoid all of these problems with the proper support and comfort provided by your mattress and with the right pillow. In fact, with a myriad of good pillow options, including eco-friendly ones, there is almost no excuse to have a bad sleep due to low-quality pillows.

How to Choose the Best Type of Pillow for You

Choosing a pillow well almost always guarantees the quality of sleep and comfort in your bed. Though pillows may seem and look like they differ very little from each other, the truth is there are many types, varying due to many factors.

As such, consider the factors below to find the best pillow.

1. Thickness and Firmness

The middle fabric determines the thickness of a pillow. According to data, it typically runs half an inch up to two whole inches, allowing the pillow to be either thinner or thicker. This aspect is beneficial in establishing the aspect of firmness, especially if you have a specific need.

Another factor to consider is the gusset. It is the material sewn onto the pillow to either strengthen or enlarge it.

Although the extra material on the pillow may make it seem firmer due to the easily noticeable increase in volume, this is not always the case. Pillows with gussets can have varying pillow firmness, just as a normal pillow would.

2. Potential Health Benefits

As stated earlier, keeping a bad pillow around does more damage than good. Although, in some cases, it may seem like a waste to throw a pillow just because of slight discomfort, in the long run, a small purchase of a new set of pillows can make a significant difference in your health.

In a recent article published by Harvard Health, one big help to stave off some problems such as heartburn are special pillows, specifically a wedge pillow.

One also wants a pillow that can adequately support the neck and spine. Based on this study, contour pillows are specifically designed for this purpose.

3. Softness

Softness is a commonly sought-after trait of a pillow. After all, comfort is a must to ensure a good night’s sleep.

It is precisely why down feather pillows are very popular today. These pillows are filled with feathers from a goose, which provides a very soft, luxurious feel to the pillows.

When looking for comfort, another type of pillow to consider is cotton center pillows. These pillows are typically flatter compared to others. A bonus is how they adapt to your head and neck shape.

A downside, though, is that it is better to replace them when worn out, as opposed to washing. That is due to the weight cotton pillows take on, becoming denser over time.

4. Cost

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the price of your pillow, as it could also very well affect the quality of your sleep. In our recent market research, we have found that pillows can vary from just a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Finding the pillow of and for your dreams is usually better not to be too cheap on yourself. You’d end up replacing the pillows you buy after a short while, especially if they turn out to be too uncomfortable.

Although one can see from various online references that other factors like sleeping position do affect the quality of sleep, it is important not to discount the correct body support one can only get from getting the appropriate pillow.

Sleeping Towards Better Days

There are a lot of factors that may affect the quality of a night’s sleep. Your pillow choice to use clearly plays a vital role, though.

Hence, we sincerely hope that the factors we have shared with you will help you make the right choice. Add the right mattress, sleepwear, and bedding, and one is bound to have that deep, good night’s sleep.