Celebrity Instagram Management – Things you don’t know

Years back, we saw our best movie stars and celebrities beckoning us from magazines and movies. However, today they take us backstage to the make-up room, private jets, and many more. And you can have access to their starry lives on your mobile phone! Instagram helps celebrities to share various facets about their lives and us to keep a tab on every minute detail. However, you need to ponder on a fundamental question! Do famous stars, actors, singers, and theatre artists have the time to make constant updates, despite their busy schedules? It is here that the concept of celebrity Instagram managers comes to use.

The truth is not every time stars like Britney Spears, and others have the time to create the best Instagram posts. They have to make it to the gym, product shoots, facial appointments, and many more. Today, the celebrity Instagram posts are garnering more than six figures, and it is becoming a lucrative business opportunity. And the chances are high that a stunning poolside image on Instagram that you just saw and liked isn’t a spontaneous selfies, but moments from a magazine shoot. That picture has the correct lighting, make-up, and hair done by a professional that makes it appear flawless. And with this, there are many other facts about celebrity Instagram management that you need to know.

1. The story of endless followers

Browse through the Instagram profile of any celebrity, and you will find endless followers and an ever-increasing fan-base. Being a media personality gives them the luxury of increasing fan base. But the truth that no star wants to admit is this, that they also opt-in for the service providers that help to increase Instagram followers. It enables them to flaunt a flattering Instagram likes and follower count. Today, service providers allow you to buy Instagram followers and likes based on your requirements. You can opt-in for it for your Instagram profile as and when you need it.

2. Celebrity Instagram managers at work

Most stars have their Instagram and social media managers who get paid lavishly to craft witty and humorous posts. Today, youngsters with a good command over the language and out of the box thinking get to work as social media managers for their best celebrities and others. And the demand for expert social media managers is high. Sometimes, these managers also travel with the stars to award shows and shooting sets. There are times when actors and singers share the Instagram story and post narratives to curate it out correctly and share it with the world. Social media managers need to get the pulse of an actor or model so that it appears that they are making the post themselves.

While the job is attractive, the stakes are high! At the wrong time, a wrong Instagram post could spell some trouble for the social media manager and the celebrity. Hence, social media managers usually have ample job stress. Their objective is to make the stars look pleasant, humorous, and witty socially. The wrong picture, caption, date, and information can mislead the audience and create confusion. It can give the celebrity a lousy reputation. Hence, social media managers are always in the pressure to make the correct and verified posts.

3. The work of the professionals

The mug shot of your best actor you liked on Instagram with thought-provoking content is teamwork of several professionals. There are dress designers, make-up artists, lighting experts, ace photographers, video editors, and others involved in making celebrities look good on Instagram. Most of the shots get set up in advance, which is why the stars look flawless and glamorous on their posts. However, there are other stars and famous personalities as well who share their candid shots as well. At times, the celebrities who manage their profiles share their candid shots by themselves. Else, if there is a social media manager involved, they share the images with the manager, and he or she shares it on Instagram after making the initial edits.

Photoshopping is an essential part of celebrity Instagram management. Stars have to look perfect so that the common men and women can aspire to be like them. It also teaches social influencers and other brands the relevance of using good quality pictures.

4. You are probably speaking with the managers

Fans comment and send direct messages to their best stars and celebrities. And at times, you do get a response, which makes you feel elated and happy. The truth is most of the time, the Instagram managers reply to the fans and other audiences. That might dim your excitement a little, but the managers convey what they as directed.

Today, most people create an account on Instagram because they want to know more about a particular actor or model. And while the audience is happy to get a glimpse of their lives, the Instagram managers do their duty to manage celebrity profiles.