CBD and your skin

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and CBD oils are also used for cosmetic and skin treatment purposes. CBD and hemp cosmetics have been in use for a very long time and now people increasingly use CBD-enriched cosmetic products. Besides CBD oils for the skin, there are oils for the hair. How is CBD important to the human’s skin and how do people benefit from using it? Below you’ll find some examples for CBD skin treatments.

Reducing Incidences of Acne

Research has shown that CBD can help to reduce the overproduction of skin oils called sebum. At the same time, it helps to reduce inflammation, which shows up as “pimples”. Furthermore, CBD Benefits are also thought to lower the production of a specific type of sebum. This is, as far as scientific research suggests, specifically responsible for the formation of acne.

Reduces Skin Itching

Itching and skin dryness are a result of inflammatory reactions. The skin may have contacted some irritants that cause inflammation and an itchy feeling. To ensure you don’t get the itching experience, CBD and hemp oils can help. This is because they contain anti-inflammatory properties which means they can prevent your skin from itching and dryness.

Elimination of skin dryness prevents the skin from having white patches and a crack-like appearance. CBD oil also reduces excessive secretion of body oils. Those causes an oily appearance of the skin and is especially unsightly when it affects the face.

Reduces the Stress of Aging

Skin reacts to free radicals that causes it to age, or age prematurely. Free radicals also make your skin look dull. CBD and hemp oils contain anti-oxidase enzymes which also have antioxidant properties. This will prevent free radicals from affecting your skin. As a result, the process of aging is slowed down and people can look younger.

Besides the anti-oxidative properties, CBD oils also increase the rate of water retention in the skin and most importantly, further the growth of connective tissue of the skin. Because of this, it reduces wrinkles and firms up “sagging” skin. In short, CBD will give you younger looking, firmer skin. Apply CBD and hemp oils consistently and your skin will thank you with a healthy, glowing look.


When you apply CBD and hemp oils to your skin, you can reduce skin aging, firm up your skin and eliminate acne. Swiss CBD oils are safe and can be used at any time of the day. If you would like to have the best results, ensure you use the oils consistently.