Sheets for house sitters and baby sitters

The other day I realized that one of the most chaotic times in my house is when a baby-sitter or house-sitter comes over.  This is supposed to be the most fun time because I’m getting out of the house, but it usually ends up being chaotic!  I usually keep texting the sitter to let her know that I had forgot

Monthly resolutions

I’m going to try something new this year for my New Year’s Resolution.  I can’t decide between eating healthier, saving money, giving back, and everything else that I should do all year long, so each month I’m going to devote myself to a different resolution.  At the end of each month I’m going to write about my experience with that

Preparing for house guests

As you all know, or at least as you’ve been able to gather by looking through my blog, I’m big on planning.  There are times when planning is less important, and times when it’s more important.  Trust me on this one: having house guests is a time when planning is absolutely essential.  I hope this post and the printable checklist

Finance System that Makes “Cents”

Creating a Finance System for Your Home The key to staying in control of your finances in your home is a plan.  The plan doesn’t have to be elaborate or time-consuming – in fact, the simpler, the better.  The first thing to do is determine how much discretionary funding you have each month (to do this, use the printable below). 

Preparing for house sitters

It would be nice if all your responsibilities went on hold when you went out of town, but unfortunately they go on.  Pets and plants need to be cared for and your mail and newspapers need to come in.  As a frequent traveler, I have become very routine with my house sitter system.  Here it is! Finding a House Sitter

Preparing for baby sitters

I remember a day when my husband and I would make last minute plans to go out, and bam, we were out.  Now it takes a lot more planning with the kiddos.  Here’s a cheat sheet to make sure you have all your bases covered before getting out! Getting a Baby-Sitter Plan ahead: It’s much easier to get a baby-sitter

Event planning made easy

Planning and hosting events is supposed to be fun, but unfortunately it usually turns into more of a stressful headache than it’s worth.  I love entertaining and spending time with friends and family, so I set out to find a way to make it as easy and fun as possible.  You can use these ideas for planning casual events at

Exercising at home

Good news!  It’s very easy to fit in a great workout without having to drive back and forth from a gym or buy any equipment.  I created this list of exercises you can do at home, organized by type.  Mix and match these exercises however you’d like – my favorite is to start and end with yoga poses, and do

Family foundation

The Family Foundation is the first tab in our Family Notebook.  It serves as the foundation for how you want your family and household to function.  We have there sections within this tab: the Mission Statement, Family Rules, and Reward Charts. Mission Statement Just as corporations have mission statements that define their company, families can use mission statements to state

30 ways to bond with your children

In your children’s eyes, you can do no wrong.  Make the most of this stage by spending quality time with your little ones. Try one each day for a month to show those kiddos how special they are. Makeup a handshake – the sillier, the better!  Feel free to include shimmies, jumping, and spinning.  Next time they do something awesome,