Bakerly Hand Braided Brioche

Bakerly Brioche and Crepes – Oh So Good!

We were excited to get the opportunity to try Bakerly’s wonderful assortment of brioche and crepes. When we got the sample, we took a few photos and promptly dived in… Among those we tried were: Bakerly Crepes (strawberry) – We love crepes, so we were thrilled to try one of Bakerly’s popular products from their snack line – their rolled

From Daycare to the Office - How It Can Work for You!

From Daycare to the Office – How It Can Work for You!

When you and your partner, have decided for you to return to work, there may be a few different scenarios that you can use to make your life easier. The good thing is, you can be closer to your child in the process. In this day and age, there are large companies who have come to realize, returning to work

Family Values

Building a List of Family Values

Each family has important values and guidelines which are engrained in living, working and being together.  Parents and children spend nearly 1/3 of their lives together.  Building a list of family values can be a useful exercise to codify what you do already in practice.  Here is a sample list. 1. To be your own authentic self 2. Have good