Car maintenance 101

People buy cars with great excitement that drops in time. It is mainly because of the lack of understanding of the importance of car maintenance. The performance and the lifetime of the car depend totally on the upkeep.

It is significant to keep track of the performance so that people can figure out even the mildest fault effortlessly.  The detailing studio in Brisbane offers exclusive services for cars which potentially increases the performance and lifetime of the cars. Even minor defects in the car should be noticed and resolved to ensure the safety and protection of the drivers or owners.


Tyres – The pressure on the tyres should be checked and refilled regularly. Missing out on this may affect the tires and also reduces the mileage of the car. The air pressure of the tyres should be checked, and a standard pressure must be maintained. After every 1000 miles or more, the tyres should be changed. Bad tyre conditions also affect the braking systems that are dangerous and should be resolved immediately.

Check Fluid levels –  For the car to work efficiently, certain car fluid levels have to be monitored. It has to be refilled for proper functioning. Fluids like engine oil, brake fluids, power steering, coolant and transmission fluids must be maintained for a smooth driving experience. Leaving the car fluids dry leads to overheating, or it may even seize the engine and cause heavy damages.

Regular services – The car may lose its charm and shine if not washed. Regular foam car wash will surely remove all the dust particles, stones and dirt present in the car. Check JennyChem to get more idea on foam car wash. The seat belts, windshield, wipers, air filter, and lights have to serviced at regular intervals. Any sound, vibrations or shuddering from the brake pads should be noticed and repaired immediately.


The designing studio offers an exclusive range of services for car protection. These services can efficiently increase the functions and life span of the car.

Paint protection – Everyday driving can affect the outer body of the car and lose its sparkle. To reinforce the shine and make it look brand-new, the whole outer body should be covered by a paint protection film. This film protects the body of the car from stone chips, scratches and dullness caused by dust particles. It also makes the washing and cleaning process effortless. The film adds gloss to the car, and it doesn’t fade in the sunlight. The customers can choose between the matte coating or gloss coating according to their preferences. The wear and tear expenses of the car can be reduced by using these film protections.

Ceramic paint protection –  A ceramic Coating based on the SiO2 technology is coated over the surface of the car. This protection layer protects the car from harmful ultraviolet rays, acids or chemicals, scratches caused due to stone chips, acid rains, pollutants, and others. It blends to the surface neatly, which gives long-lasting protection to the car. This keeps away all the dust particles from settling in the car, and it’s easy to clean because of the shiny, smooth surface.

Interior – The car interiors can also be coated with protection against spills, colour transfers and fading. A leather coating to the seats and a ceramic cover to the mats and belts can also prevent the damage caused to UV rays, dirt, chemicals, toxins, etc.

The automobile industry launches cars with impeccable designs and features which requires proper conditioning and care. The detailing studio examines the car entirely and suggests best-suited services accordingly. They refurbish the shine and gloss in the car by polishing using abrasives and bring the smooth texture back. It also offers other services like glass tinting, washing, leather cleaning, wheel repairs and paint corrections.

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