Can You Workout While Pregnant? Get Your Answers Here!

Did you know that in the year 2019 there were almost 3,500,000 births in the United States? Just because you’ve got a little one on the way doesn’t mean you can’t still workout while pregnant.

While the question of “is it safe to workout while pregnant” may worry you, there are tons of workouts while pregnant available to you. From ab workouts while pregnant to leg and upper body workouts, there is a perfect workout plan for you.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about is it okay to workout while pregnant. Continue reading to learn more about working out during your pregnancy.

Is It Okay to Workout While Pregnant?

While it is recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider first, working out during pregnancy is safe for most women. As long as you and your pregnancy are healthy, you won’t increase the risk of a miscarriage or a premature baby by working out.

So the answer is yes to the question, “can you workout while pregnant?”

What Amount of Exercise Is Recommended?

A healthy pregnant woman should ideally get around 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise every week. Aerobic exercises are beneficial because they make you breathe more and increase your heart rate. A good example of moderate aerobic exercise is taking a brisk walk.

You also shouldn’t feel the need to do all 2.5 hours of exercise in one go. Spread it out over the course of your week. 30 minutes per day is a good baseline for what to aim for with your workout regimen. Click here to check out some of the best pregnancy workouts.

Benefits of Getting a Workout While Pregnant

There are a variety of benefits that both you and your pregnancy will see from working out while pregnant. Not only will working out making you feel good and provide you with a boost of energy, but it will help you gain the ideal amount of weight during your pregnancy.

It is also great for easing the common discomforts that come with pregnancy, like back pain and swelling in your lower extremities. Working out during your pregnancy is also great for helping to manage stress. It also goes a long way towards preparing your body for the process of giving birth.

Best Workouts While Pregnant

When it comes to the different workouts during your pregnancy, there is a good amount to choose from. It is up to you to decide which is best for you.

Some of the most popular pregnancy workouts are walking and swimming. These exercises are great because they’re aerobic and put low levels of stress on your body. Riding a stationary bike is another great and safe option. It is much better than riding a regular bike since there is less likelihood of falling off.

Yoga and pilates are also beneficial workouts for pregnant women. A good pilates reformer machine will help modify stretches to ensure that they’re beneficial for you which you can practice at home as well.

Up Your Workout Game During Your Pregnancy

Just because you’ve got a little one on the way doesn’t mean that you have to put a halt to your workout regimen. There are tons of great workouts that are safe and that will allow you to get a good workout while pregnant.

Not only are these workouts beneficial for your health, but they’ll alleviate the discomforts that come with pregnancy and provide you with a mood and energy boost.

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