Can You Save a YouTube Video as an MP3 File?

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become the second most visited site in the world, which is no wonder given that this platform sees more than 18,000 hours of content uploaded every 60 minutes. The website reports constantly growing traffic but more and more people who flock there for their favorite videos return with empty hands. Tired of omnipresent pre-rolls, they just want to have an opportunity to enjoy music offline. 

If you fit the description and are looking for a way to enjoy your favorite songs anytime and anywhere without the internet, safely call off the search – here is how you can save every YouTube video as an MP3 file. Bingo!

A Bit Of History

When in 2014 YouTube launched a special extra that allowed users to watch videos offline, this feature was warmly received by the global community. But excitement very soon gave way to disappointment since the service came with a heck of a lot of restrictions. First of all, the list of countries where it was available was far from being that extensive, and only lucky owners of Android and iOS devices could use it. However, limited availability was not the main problem, the major downside came in the form of annoying advertisements and the fact that any downloaded video could be played offline only for 48 hours.

The situation has not changed much since 2014, or if you want, it hasn’t changed at all. The roster of privileged countries is still pretty modest, many popular videos are still unavailable for download, and even when you manage to get your favorite video, you can enjoy it for no more than 48 hours and only inside the YouTube app. Oh yes, we almost forgot, ads became even more lengthy and annoying. Even so, music buffs didn’t want to settle for such a dubious pleasure, constantly looking for viable ways not only to download videos but also to make them compatible with their music players or other devices.

How To Save A YouTube Video As An MP3 File

We bet you have already tried at least several apps from Google Play or the Apple Store and seen with your own eyes that they just do not serve the purpose. All the same endless advertisements, low quality of sound, no lyrical features, numerous restrictions… Long story short, the right solution lies in converting YT to MP3, which gives you full compatibility with your audio player and other devices, meaning now you are set for the ultimate offline experience. The best thing of all is that transformation can be performed incredibly fast and easy providing you have special software.

According to experts, one of the most reliable software in the market is Viddly that can be installed with just one click and absolutely free. It was developed especially for downloading YouTube videos and adapting them to any popular format including MP4, WebM, 3GP, and AVI for video and MP3, AAC, and Vorbis for audio. It is very fast and lets you download the entire playlist with just one click. Needless to say, being a desktop-based service, it outperforms all conceivable and inconceivable mobile apps, delivering plenty of benefits such as the absence of limitations on video length or resolution, speedy multiple downloads, support for subtitles and live video streams, to name just a few. 

And no annoying or shady ads! 

Fun On The Go

Another advantage of such software is that you can take the music with you wherever you go and do not care about Wi-Fi. All you have to do in order to have fun on the go is to install one of the cloud hosting services (Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, for instance) on both your computer and your mobile device. This way you will be able to set your download directory to the cloud folder, and the latter will automatically synchronize any new files to your smartphone or tablet for ultimate convenience. Now you can watch your favorite video or listen to the latest hit just the way you like it – without any limitations, shortcomings, and what’s the most important, hassle.

video playing

As the old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. Who said you can’t listen to good music or watch smash hits of your choice without having the duty to sit through infinite pre-rolls and wasting time on things you are not interested in? Fortunately, you can just save any YouTube video (no exception) as an MP3 file and enjoy it on your audio player whenever you want.