Can You Really Finance a Puppy?

Owning a pet is a great way to improve your life. Pet ownership has helped people cope with problems like loneliness, depression, anxiety, and help them feel safer. Along with the mental health benefits, there is some belief that owning a pet, like a dog, can help with physical health by reducing blood pressure.

Where many people find there is a barrier to pet ownership is the cost. Pets cost a lot of money, especially puppies which are likely to come from breeders who charge a lot because it is a healthy animal. With that in mind, you might be wondering how you can afford such a pet, and one potential is financing a puppy, but is it possible to do so? The answer is yes, and here is how you can own a puppy with financial alternatives.

Knowing Your Expenses

Likely the first thing you want to do before deciding on financing a puppy is figuring out how much your expense ratio will be. The pet financing pros at Puppy Lending advise you to determine a budget, which should include medical bills and other necessities for a puppy, before figuring out the financial terms for a loan. Puppies can cost a lot of money so you need to calculate your expenses to determine if you are going to afford a loan that can be paid off in time as well as meeting your own needs as well as theirs. This should be your first step to financing a puppy.

Finding the Right Lender

There are plenty of places to get a loan from to help you finance your puppy. What you need to do is fill out the correct forms, after which, you can choose from a variety of lenders that can help you get what you need. Just like any other kind of loan, your options will vary depending on certain contractual agreements. Interest rates, loan payment type (cash), and the terms of repayment. You want to pay close attention to these and find one that has an acceptable interest rate which will allow you to pay it back in a suitable fashion as well as giving you the right amount that you need.

Choosing a Puppy

The part that most people want to hear about is actually choosing a puppy. You probably have a favorite type of breed, as many do, which allows you to narrow your search onto the puppy you would like to finance. The benefit that some people find in puppy financing is that they are able to choose purebred dogs from the breeders directly. These types of dogs are much more expensive than most mixed breeds and a lot more expensive than rescue dogs. Financing is through a loan that helps you cover some of those high costs, which could be in the thousands. Still, if you get approved and choose to finance, you have a significant advantage of getting the exact puppy you want.

Choosing a Puppy 

Why Finance?

Financing a dog is not something many people consider, which is why you were probably asking that very question in the title of this article itself. It is very much possible and is a way to get people the pet they want in a manner that may be most flexible for their situation. Dogs cost a lot of money, from the initial ownership costs to vaccinations and medical costs, the expenses can climb and climb. Financing through a loan is a means of giving yourself some breathing room so the upfront costs do not crush your budget. Financing is not the solution for everyone, as many people prefer to pay out of pocket or adopt cheaper breeds, but for those that are set on a purebred dog, it makes a lot of sense if they can pay back the loan properly.

Downsides to Financing?

It would be irresponsible to not mention downsides as loans are not free money, which is a lesson that many people do not learn until it is too late. Loans often have interest rates or repayment periods, and when they are missed, penalties can be incurred that hurt your chance to pay the loan back. Similarly, you should always try to find ways to cover the costs as much as you can to help alleviate the need for a big loan.

It sounds silly to consider how to finance a puppy. Dogs are not cars or mortgages, but getting a loan to help afford a pet is a lot less crazy than it sounds when you actually listen to the process. If your question was if you could really finance a puppy, the answer is yes and this advice helps show you how it is done.