Can You Read the Last Line? 7 Signs You Need a New Pair of Glasses

When was your last eye exam? Do your eyes feel super tired after reading or staring at a computer screen? Here’s how to know if you need a new pair of glasses.

According to a study conducted by the Vision Council of America, 75% of adults wear a type of vision correction like glasses or contact lenses.

But how do you know when it’s time for a new pair of glasses? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. You’re Squinting

One of the top signs you need new glasses is if you keep squinting. We squint our eyelids to better focus our eyes and reduce the amount of light entering them.

Squinting is a temporary fix but if you let it go on too long, you’ll suffer from headaches. Unless it’s abnormally bright, you shouldn’t squint if your glasses are working well.

And another sign is when you feel more relaxed and relieved after taking off your specs. 

2. Headaches Are Frequent 

Glasses causing headaches?

If so, you’re overworking your eyes which makes them ache. This is especially common after looking at your laptop or reading a book.

Also if you have to sit farther back from the computer screen to see better or adjust the height of your monitor, these are a sign to visit an eye doctor. When your prescription is wrong, your eyes are working harder than usual so take little breaks. Every 15 to 30 seconds, focus on an object in the distance to relax your eyes.

It’s also possible that your frames are the problem. If your temples feel like they’re being pulled against the back of your ears or if your frames are too tight, you’ll get headaches.

A problem like this is easily solved by an optician as they’ll either make adjustments or trade your frame in for a better fitting pair. 

3. Your Glasses Are Outdated

Wearing old prescription glasses means you’re missing out on the newest development of lenses. The latest technology makes it easier for you to get glasses custom-made to your specifications.

For instance, progressive lenses are fantastic if you rely on your glasses for multiple uses. Or if you’re often behind a computer, get glasses with extended focus reader lenses to help for screen work and distance vision.

And if you’re doing more physical labor, get durable lenses with an anti-scratch coating as it’s more beneficial.

4. It’s Been a Year Since Your Last Eye Exam

Not sure how to tell if you need new glasses?

Consider the last time you got a comprehensive eye exam as you should get one every year. Even if your glasses are working, your prescription may need adjustments that only a complete exam can reveal.

In the exam, your eye doctor looks for signs of vision issues and health conditions using a few tests. For instance, visual acuity tests the sharpness of your vision and an ocular motility test examines your eye muscles to understand why you’re experiencing eye strain.

5. You’re Feeling Nauseous 

Both eyes create two images, which your brain merges together to produce a full one. But if one eye has a blurrier vision than the other, the crooked image could make you feel nauseous

Because it’s difficult for your brain to fix those images together, you could also experience double vision, vertigo, and nausea.

Another sign it’s time to get new glasses is if you have to carry sunglasses around with you. Bright lights can be harsh if you don’t have the right prescription so you may often wear shades or turn down the brightness of your TV so your eyes don’t get overworked. 

6. Your Glasses Are Scratched

Even the smallest scratch or ding on your glasses’ lens can affect your vision without you consciously noticing, which can lead to eye strain.

Also, when your glasses become impossible to clean then it’s time to get new ones. Some glasses are treated with special coatings that deteriorate over time, leaving behind a film that’s difficult to clean or one that stays blurry.

If this sounds familiar, you need new glasses. Invest in a pair with lenses that are glare, scratch, and smudge-resistant so you have the clearest vision possible. 

7. Consider Comfort and Fashion

Many people switch between contact lenses and prescription glasses depending on their occupation or comfort.

You should think about getting extra glasses the next time you order contacts so you only wear specs around the house. Switching to glasses eases your eyes after wearing contact lenses so having options is a great idea.

But it’s important to remember that glasses are fashionable accessories so leverage your prescription glasses to tie your outfit together. For instance, you could get a pair especially for formal occasions and a pair for daily use.

And you can pick the shape of glasses from a variety of options so they perfectly fit your face. Having a few styles lets you match different outfits, moods, and settings.

That’s When You a Need a Pair of Glasses!

It’s crucial to invest in a new pair of glasses when your vision is getting compromised and it’s making you uncomfortable. You should complete an eye exam every year to ensure your prescription is correct and if your glasses need any tweaks.

Invest in glasses with the latest technology so they’re scratch, glare, and smudge-resistant so your vision is perfect. 

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