Can You Easily Get a Replacement Number Plate?

If you have lost your license plate or it has been damaged or stolen, the only way not to receive a citation is to replace it quickly. Chances are that you have some friends, colleagues, or just people you know who recently found themselves in a similar situation and told you scary stories of their experience at the DMV.

Filling out the forms, waiting for hours in line, and ending up without a plate in hand (just because they run out of supplies) but with a firm promise that your plate will be mail to you at the earliest convenience – well, this scenario is far from being optimistic and even further from being quick and easy.

However, it is not all that bad and it’s definitely too early to be desperate. Fortunately, getting replacement license plates in person is not the only option. Keep reading as we are going to show you an alternative way shared with us by experts in getting the job done easily and hassle-free. To help you get the whole picture, we will introduce all the possible variants, so it’s up to you to choose the one that is the easiest for you.

Going to the DMV in Person

It looks like a great plan, let’s take a closer look at the steps you will have to take in order to reach your final goal, walk out with a plate in hand. First, you will need to fill out the right application form based on the type of vehicle. Do not forget to bring your ID – a valid driving license or identification card. You can also tell them if you want 4D number plates for your vehicle.

Just a heads up, if you got your license in another state or country, you will also need to provide an additional form of photo ID. In this case, according to experts from Quick Auto Tags, this may be a valid passport, your military ID card, state or government agency issued ID card, a student ID from a college or university, as well as an ID card issued by your employer. Additionally, if your address differs from the one that DMV has on file, you are required to submit proof of ownership while If your plates were stolen, you’ll be asked to bring a copy of the police report.

Replacing License Plates By Mail

Replacing License Plates By Mail

If you are not excited about going to the DMV or simply do not have time to queue, then you can use another option and request a replacement of your license plate by mail. To do so, you have to be a registered owner of the vehicle with exactly the same address as it is seen on the DMV’s record. Similar to the previous situation, you will have to fill out and submit an appropriate application form to Get new replacement plates.

Sounds easy? Well, and it is, but except for one thing – you can’t send your old plates online, hence you will have to mail them in a traditional way, which definitely adds some hassle to the whole plot. Make sure you have paid the duplicate or substitute license plate fee and attached the proofs. Pack everything together and mail it to the correct address.

When can you expect your plates? There is no clear answer to this question as timeframes may vary greatly from one place to another. Anyway, if you do not get your plates within 8 weeks from submitting the application, do not wait anymore and call the DMV. Generally speaking, while this option may seem convenient at first glance, in reality, it comes with a significant downside as once your mail is dispatched, you can’t track or affect the progress of your application. All you can do is just wait.

Skipping the DMV

Getting your plates without dealing with the DMV – sounds like mission impossible, right? However, it is possible, and it is that quick and easy alternative we mentioned at the beginning of this article. Today, more and more people opt for using the services of licensed DMV agencies that can take care of all conceivable and inconceivable DMV transactions just the way they should be. If you do not have time to stop by their office, you can just give them a call, and they will send you all the paperwork by courier. Wonder, when will you get your plates? The next day!

As you can see, you do not necessarily have to waste time at the DMV or wait for weeks for your plates to arrive. There is always an alternative, and if you are looking for a way to get your replacement number plate easily, it is just at your fingertips.