Can Online Lessons Help When Learning an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument can be such a joyful, uplifting, and community-building hobby, or in some cases lead to a fulfilling side-gig or even full-time career.

While some prefer the age-old method of being self-taught, there are so many opportunities through new technology to learn the craft of playing an instrument, you would be silly to ignore them all. If you want a tried and tested guide on how to become a better musician, check out this post.


The biggest reason people don’t want to commit to learning new hobbies is simply a lack of time or the amount of effort required. Sometimes the biggest time sink is simply the transportation time. With online lessons that concern completely melts away. As explained by the people from, with online instrument lessons, you can grow as a musician from the comfort of your living room. Don’t need to spend money on gas or wear and tear on your vehicle, or jump on a bus. Instead, cozy up on your couch with a laptop, brew some tea or coffee and get going.


With in-person music lessons, you may be constricted to just the musicians and teachers living in your area or city. However, with online lessons you can access amazing, encouraging teachers literally across the globe. If you’re living in a small town, you may not have many teachers of your chosen instrument in your area, or maybe the few to choose from don’t mesh well with your personality. Online you can take some time and find the perfect teacher that matches your desired style of music, instrument, and even your preferred style of teaching.


Taking music lessons online also allows you to cater your lessons to your schedule. The teacher doesn’t have to set a time that works based on bus schedules or times you have access to a vehicle but instead can schedule lessons with much more flexibility because they too are connecting from their home and can log on at a moment’s notice. Maybe your schedule only allows 45 minutes in the evening, or early in the morning. Not only is it easier to hop on and hop off, but you can shop around for a teacher that has a similar schedule as you, or is willing to make your schedule work for them.



Like mentioned earlier, the costs for online lessons are also often much lower. Along with transportation savings, the teacher doesn’t have to rent out space or a studio, and can therefore pass those savings right on back to you. It’s also great for teachers starting out as while the more well-known musicians have potential students flocking to them, a fresher face can grow their teaching gig by offering more reasonable fees. You get a great teacher at a price you can afford, and they have a chance to prove themselves to you and grow their career.


In a class with multiple students, it can be difficult for the teacher to juggle different learning styles, levels of expertise, and the rate at which different students absorb the information presented. Sometimes it means the teacher has to move on when you’re still working out the previously discussed technique, or you have to patiently wait for the teacher to elaborate on the basic structure you’ve already mastered. Again, an online course, whether live or recorded videos allows you to pause and work things out at your own pace, making sure you’re maximizing your time and your results. However, there are some new challenges that come with online learning that you should be aware of.

Lack of Commitment

When you do choose to take in-person lessons, you have the benefit of knowing keenly the time commitment and effort you’ve made to get to the lesson. You have left your home and are immersed in this new space totally dedicated to one purpose: learning this instrument. If something was expensive or difficult to obtain, naturally you are going to appreciate it and value it more. Same with in-person lessons. With online lessons being so convenient and easy, there may be a risk of taking this opportunity for granted and not give it your maximum effort.


Taking lessons online in your living room is comfortable and convenient because you’re in your home. But that comes with the downside that your home is filled with distractions, whether it’s your family, friends, roommates, pets, TV, video games, books you’re hoping to finish just sitting on your coffee table; all of it has the risk of pulling away from your attention. This can be especially true when you are learning a new skill which can be difficult and your mind begins to count down the minutes before you can go back to doing leisure activities. Your computer itself is filled with apps and games and tabs begging for your attention. Maybe you got an email, or you see an icon for a game that just finished installing, all of it works together to try and pull you out of the moment and the task at hand.


In the end, while there are some drawbacks when learning online if you can have the fortitude to resist the distractions of learning from home the pros can easily outweigh the cons.