Can I legally avoid child support?

In today’s world of law, rules and regulations are getting firm day by day. However, rules are one that can provide better circumstances to give justice, keep balance, and guard the rights of individuals among the nation when things come to children. The law of states cares a lot about the protection of children, goes the same for the parents too. In this time where earning is not as easy as it seems. Well, it is hard to take your hand out of that law thing especially, if you are facing obligation from the court. Divorce is the most common thing here in states. You cannot lonely understand the law about just talking to your friend unless you seek from the professional one. They can better describe the constraint in law specifically if you are dealing in a matter of support. you are legally responsible for your action if you are restricted by the law to fulfill the requirements. The child support contains severe and legal policies in some aspects, you can get rid of paying for support.

Taking attorneys help can be progressive while if you want to settle personally you can take help from mediators who can make arrangements. The recommended one is to take attorneys’ help. They have experience in dealing with these issues daily.By taking professional guidance you may deal with things without cracking under strain. Its a hard job to get into divorce and child support matter where you need to be careful about your child that counts everything whether time distribution between your spouse or money without including taxes, debt, and billing.

When partners get divorced, for minor kids, child support is mandatory. The non-custodial parent has to pay a certain amount of money in the name of child support so that the parent having child custody can raise the kid without financial strain. The amount of payment is decided upon court orders or under the agreement from both parents. Meanwhile, there is a condition where you avoid paying for child support.


There is a way to legally avoid child support if both parties show agreement and are looking towards the settlement, so child support is refused. Both parties are not accountable by the law of paying child support if the court goes with the decision of the parent. Many reasons could be possible for avoiding child support. The mostly found one is that a non-custodial parent is not financially able to obey the requirements of child support law. While you may take the wise consultancy on this matter, you will get the idea of what outcomes are better suitable if you are thinking about settlements you can consult with the mediator also.


Besides the strict policies of child support law, there are ways of terminating child support. Well, termination is possible in such possibilities where a father or mother of a child is in imprisonment or lost their jobs. In some cases, it is also valid such as the death of a person who is paying for support or children will start living with the non-custodial parents.

Every region has its age limit when parents stop paying for child support. In some states, the parents can stop paying for maintenance until the child reaches the age of 18. However, In some states, they paid until the child turned 21.

If you want to know the terms and conditions about termination policies in child support law, you may contact your attorney.

You need an attorney that understands your situation when it comes to child support, and the divorce attorneys at The Sanders Firm, P.A. can help.


Your child is dealing with some physical or mental disability and is not in the position of earning still after he/she crossed their age limit of getting child support from parents. Here, the court defines “disability” in economic terms also who are not capable enough of earning themselves. The court wants parents to help their children for better living. It is the responsibility of the parent to continue supporting their child even after he passed the age limit in case of a disability.

However, Law differs from state to state, and the court of the region decides in which condition parents can continue or stop their support in the case of disability.


Even after your child is denied living under you and does not obey you anymore if he/she comes under the age limit of the majority. You have to provide support according to the court law. Whether you keep giving access to everything or allow your child to live according to their ways of living. Providing access to everything does not count as in child support, you cannot avoid it. Neither that means you can restrict their lives according to your rules.


There might be more things that need to be brought into consideration while thinking about legally avoid paying for support. Be careful it is way complicated, so it is better not to avoid it, except in some situations.

Here, one thing could be possible if the non-custodial parent allows another adult to adopt his/her child. So, in that case, you can give up paying.

However, the court is strict with the laws under child protection.

In legal matters, you need to concern your divorce attorney within your area. They know the pros and cons of avoiding support according to your state law. If you are eligible enough to avoid it you can send a request in the court well, the court better decides whether you receive permission of avoiding or not.

Careful about those points that are listed above while going to make some moves.

Most of the organizations are working with the dedication in divorce and family-related matters. Where anybody having issues can concern with that within your areas. Make sure to go to someone professional. Contact with a qualified and experienced attorney will help you out in this matter and assist the legal prohibition in child support.