Can Dentures Be Put In Permanently?

Dentures are a teeth replacement option that people wear when they have dental problems that have robbed them of their natural teeth. Dentures can be worn on either the upper or lower palate, or both.

For all their merits, dentures are still not like the natural teeth because they are removable. Over time, as you wear them, they may start to fall off primarily because of the weakened adhesive that has been added to hold them in place. With these removable dentures, you would not be able to bite or chew food as you would have with your natural teeth. Wearing them for a long period could also cause your gum to shrink. This could also lead to issues like sensitivity, but you can easily rid sensitive gums with the dentist in little falls. While removable dentures may seem somewhat favorable, they do not offer much benefit.

Andrew J. Sampalis, D.D.S. and Associates, Ltd, a top dental office noted that the issues with removable dentures have caused people to wonder if a permanent option exists. In essence, patients are interested in dentures that stay in place and allow them to have the same feeling or something close to the natural teeth that were lost. The good news is that there are permanent denture options and they are discussed in this article.

What Are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures are teeth replacements that are fixed tightly in the mouth and are therefore non-removable. While wearing permanent dentures, you can talk, chew, and laugh as you would with your natural teeth without worries that your artificial teeth would fall off.

Permanent dentures consist of two parts; there is the implant, which is like the root of a tooth but made from titanium, which makes it very strong, and dental bridges or dentures that are attached firmly to the top of the implant.

The implants are placed in the jaw bone surgically. Two or more dental implants are installed at specific locations in the jaw to support the structure of the denture.

Permanent Denture Procedures

The process always starts with a visit to the dentist’s office. The dentist would inspect your mouth to make sure they are fit for the implant. If your jaw bone has shrunk, bone grafting may be needed for the implants to fit in properly. However, if you still have a few natural teeth in place, the dentist may have to remove them to make space for the dentures.

Since the procedure would involve surgery, you would be administered anesthesia so you would not feel the pain associated with the procedure. Before then, your dentist would have made an impression of your jaw and a cast would have been made for the shape of your denture. It is always custom-made so that it fits in perfectly.

During the surgery, the titanium implants are screwed deep into the jaw bone and secured firmly so that they do not even shake. Your dentist would know how best to space the implants and how many to use. After that, the denture or bridge is then fastened to the implant. The procedure takes from weeks to months depending on how fast you heal and other factors.

Benefits of Permanent Dentures

What makes permanent dentures so great and why should you choose them over removable dentures or other teeth replacement options? Consider the following benefits.

It Is Permanent

Unlike removable dentures and other replacement options that can be removed, permanent dentures stay put in your mouth. No matter what you bite into or how you use your mouth, they would always remain intact.

It Is Easy To Maintain

Permanent dentures are very easy to maintain and do not require additional work besides normal brushing of the mouth.

It Is Long-Lasting

If well-maintained, permanent dentures can last a lifetime, depending on when you had them done. They would not present any issues and you can use them without worries for more than 20 years at least.

It Supports The Jaw Bone

Temporary dentures do not do any good to the jaw bone and even result in gum shrinkage. But because permanent dentures are screwed right into the jaw bone, it supports it and prevents it from falling or shrinking. This would also prevent your face from falling due to the support provided by the implants.

It Would Boost Your Confidence

With permanent dentures, you no longer have to fear eating certain foods or talking for fear of dislodging your dentures. You can now continue to live your life as you would with your natural teeth.

Permanent dentures have so many benefits that make them just worth it. Although it may be expensive when compared to some other replacement options, you will surely get to enjoy the advantages of choosing this long-term restorative dental procedure.