Buying a Yoga Mat? Here’s What to Consider

There is increasing awareness of mental health in today’s society. Positive mental health correlates with the general well-being of a person. Yoga has been one of the useful ways of promoting mental health. This happens because as you are taking deep breaths during yoga, you are stimulating increased blood flow to your body including your brain. Yoga also helps you to calm down, reduce your stress levels and help you to sleep better and all these are ways of improving your mental status and helping you to be at peace with yourself.

Some of the requirements for a yoga session include a yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga clothes, and a water bottle. It is important to wear comfortable clothing during yoga that does not restrict your yoga poses. Being well hydrated during yoga will prevent you from dehydration and keep you motivated in practicing yoga. Another requirement that you cannot do yoga without is a yoga mat. There is a variety of yoga mats that you can choose from. This article will take you through what to consider when you are buying a yoga mat.

1. Weight of the Yoga Mat

When buying a yoga mat, it is important to consider its weight. The weight of the yoga mat depends on where you will be practicing yoga. If you plan on going for a yoga class, it is advisable to buy a yoga mat that you can easily carry to class. Getting a heavy yoga mat may discourage you from going to class and you may end up not using the mat or having to buy a lighter mat. However, if you will be practicing home yoga in a space where you don’t need to fold the mat every time you are done, you can then get a heavier and comfortable yoga mat.

2. Size of the Mat

The size of the yoga mat is another important factor to keep in mind when buying a yoga mat. It is important to get a yoga mat that is big enough to allow you to make any yoga move. If you plan to do lie down postures, it is important to get a yoga mat that is long enough. When doing yoga, you should not come off the mat, and therefore when this happens, it can be an indicator that you have the wrong size of a mat. Space, where you will be practicing, may also determine the size of the yoga mat that you buy.

3. Sustainability

Environmental pollution is one cause of diseases and when we are practicing yoga, we are trying to avoid disease and stay healthy. When buying a yoga mat, it is important to choose one that is made of eco-friendly material like the cork mat. Investing in eco-friendly items is an effective way of conserving the environment while also taking care of ourselves.

4. Comfort

Comfort is another important factor to consider when buying a yoga mat. Buying a comfortable yoga mat will prevent you from injuring your knees or back when practicing yoga. To enhance comfort, you can get a yoga mat that is thick enough so that you do not strain your body. You may need to buy a thicker yoga mat if you have underlying knee or joint pains. Thick yoga mats are generally softer and have more insulation than thinner mats.

5. The stickiness of the Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat is one that offers a good grip and you do not skid when using it. If you are having a slippery yoga mat, you may have a hard time doing yoga. This can discourage you from keeping up with the practice. Stickiness is important when it comes to choosing a good yoga mat. If you are buying a yoga mat online, it is always important to read the customer reviews and learn the experience that customers have using that yoga mat.

6. Design of the Yoga Mat

When buying a yoga mat, it is also important to pay attention to the design of the yoga mat. Getting a yoga mat that is attractive with your favorite color and design can motivate you to practice yoga more often. Yoga mats also come in a variety of shapes which include rectangular and oval. You can also custom make your yoga mat to a print that you like.

7. Budget

Yoga Mat Budget

Your budget will also determine the type of yoga mat that you can get. Sometimes having more money can get you a more attractive yoga mat but this does not guarantee you that this yoga mat is of good quality. However if you can afford a high-quality yoga mat, go for it! It is always a bad idea to compromise on quality for the price of an item because you may end up spending more money on repair and maintenance or buying a new item.

In summary, one of the requirements for yoga is a good yoga mat. When buying a yoga mat, there are some things that you need to consider. They include the weight of the yoga mat, the design, sustainability, design, and the budget that you have. Having a good yoga mat can motivate you to be consistent in doing yoga.