Buying a Coffee Machine? Here are Your Options

If you cannot step out of your house without sipping on your irremissible cup of Joe, consider getting a coffee machine to save time. Certain types of machines make your coffee just how you like it. However, if you do not take the features and other considerations into account, you may end up buying the wrong model.

Types of Coffee Machines

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Among the myriad of styles and types of coffee machines and bottomless portafilters available today, choosing one can be a daunting task. You might be wondering what is a bottomless portafilter? Stay on, we’ll be addressing that down the article.

If you research properly, you can find a machine that fits within your budget and brews a desirable cup of coffee while you get ready for work.

Consider these options when buying a coffee machine. And if you want to buy coffee machines that are of great quality for an affordable price, click the link.

1. Drip Coffee Machines

As the name suggests, drip coffee machines pour hot water over coffee grounds. The design of automatic drip coffee machines includes a filter and carafe. A hot plate is included in the set that holds the carafe and keeps the brewed coffee warm for a prolonged period. When picking a drip coffee maker model, consider certain aspects such as brew time, brew temperature, and the amount of coffee it can brew. You can also choose between a manual and an automatic drip coffee maker. While the former lets you control the volume and temperature, the latter makes things easier by automatically pouring the needed amount of water.

Drip Coffee Machines

2. Single-Cup Coffee Makers

This coffee machine is ideal for those who live alone and often need just one cup of coffee at a time. Depending on your preference, you can choose between machines that either brew ground coffee or through pods. You can further narrow down the search by comparing the size, portability, and price of the machines. Certain single-cup coffee makers brew multiple cup sizes, thereby making it convenient for users with different needs. From black coffee to hot chocolate, some machines even brew a variety of hot and cold beverages. Basically, with single-cup machines, there is something for everyone.

3.  Dolce Gusto Machines

Dolce Gusto is a brand that is popular for its aromatic and flavorful coffee pods. Owned by Nescafe, the pods of this brand are competent with various machines, which are now famously recognized as Dolce Gusto coffee machines. Specific hardware manufacturers produce and promote these machines. To choose the best dolce gusto machine among all options, consider factors such as the capacity of the water reservoir, preparation time, the price, and the size. Since most Dolce Gusto machines are designed using a contemporary style, buying any on them will enhance the look of your kitchen counter.

4. Moka Pot

The moka pot is commonly found in many households that prefer making their coffee over the stove. Since it is small in size, you can use it during camping. Using a moka pot is extremely easy and takes little time. Pour some water into the bottom chamber, place some coarse ground coffee in the filter basket until it is full, and assemble the entire unit together. Place it on a stovetop and let the water boil. Take it off as soon as you hear a gurgling sound. Note that the coffee brewed in the moka pot is different from the taste and aroma of the espresso brewed in machines.

5. AeroPress

This manually-operated machine is one of the easiest designs to use and carry around. It uses pressure from hot water that brews coffee grounds. The user must manually inject hot water to provide pressure. Imagine its shape to be like a hand pump. One major advantage of using this machine is that it produces the purest form of coffee-infused from the coffee grounds. Since the chemicals from the coffee beans do not enter the brewed coffee when injected with the pressure, you get to drink the most flavorful and healthy version of the beans you are using.

6. French Press

A French press device uses coarse coffee grounds and steeps them for a few minutes before serving. A mesh plunger is attached to the device that keeps the grounds pressed to retrieve maximum flavor. If you are low on budget and finding a portable machine, a French press is your go-to coffee maker. This machine is usually available in stainless steel, plastic, and glass. If you have a long day and want to keep your brewed coffee warm, choose a stainless steel French press. However, as compared to glass carafes, they are a bit more difficult to clean. Before you pick a design, consider your budget, plunger, handle sturdiness, and carafe volume.

Since the demand for coffee is increasing with time, you have a myriad of coffee machine options to choose from. Surprisingly, you can find the perfect machine that fits your budget, takes little time, and brews coffee just according to your taste. Once you select the type of coffee machine you prefer, read online reviews to pick a specific model.

What To Look For in a Coffee Maker?

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When purchasing a coffee maker, you may get overwhelmed by the many available choices. There are many different kinds of coffee makers, which means you need to pay close attention to certain factors to be able to choose one that fits your needs the best. Here are a few factors you should consider to purchase the best coffee maker for your needs. 


Some people want coffee as soon as they wake up in the morning, and some like to treat making and drinking coffee as a ritual, so they like waiting for the coffee to brew slowly before they pour it into a mug and drink it. Suppose you want your coffee as soon as you wake up. In that case, you will benefit from purchasing a programmable electric coffee maker to make your coffee as soon as you wake up. If you prefer to take your time with your coffee, you might want to purchase a french press brewer or a stovetop espresso pot. 

Type of Coffee

There are various kinds of coffee you can make, and while some coffee makers are hybrid machines, you can also get separate machines. Most people prefer to have a hybrid machine because they take up less space on your counter and are cheaper than purchasing two separate machines. However, if you value high-quality coffee, you may want to skip the hybrid machine. 

Brew Size

Coffee makers are available in various sizes. Some are perfect for a single cup, while others can brew coffee for a whole family. Depending on the number of cups you want to brew at once, you can choose between single-cup brewers or large brewers. Some machines offer a large range of brew sizes, which is perfect for a small family. 


Coffee is a staple part of many people’s morning routine. If you are searching for a coffee machine to fuel your caffeine addiction, it is best to know your way around all the different types of coffee machines and then, based on your preferences, choose one that will fit your taste and lifestyle the best.