Building Kid’s Bed Isn’t As Hard As It Sounds: Follow Our DIY Tips

A bed is an important piece of furniture that sees constant usage. It is important that you provide your kids a comfortable place to sleep to help them with growing pains. If you are looking to construct a bed for your kid, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you create the perfect sleeping experience for your child.

What Aesthetic Are You Trying To Go For

When you are building a bed for your kids as a do-it-yourself project, one of the things you have to consider is your children’s input on the matter. It is, after all, their bed, their room, and they will be the ones sleeping on it. Choosing the right design should involve some of their input, while you maintain the responsibility of the construction of the foundation and to ensure that it is built correctly and strong enough for them. Incorporating your kid’s likes and interests is a good method, but keep in mind their age and how long you would like the bed to last. If they are young, their interests may change over time, and your child may grow out of certain aesthetic designs, although anything that is on the surface level may be painted over.

Size Matters

When it comes to beds, you have to consider that size plays an important role. First, you want to determine how much space you have to work within the bedroom, as this will dictate how big your bed can actually be. You will also need to consider the size of the mattress, and ensure that you take the type of mattress into consideration, as different materials and makes may require more room. Take puffy mattress measurements before making your cuts to construct the frame before you begin building. It is always important that you measure twice and cut once, as once you begin making those cuts, you can’t undo that.

Leave Room To Grow

All kids will grow and that is definitely something you want to consider when you are building a bed for them. You never know when they will go through a growth spurt, and unless you want to fully rebuild a bed, consider building one that is long and wide enough to accommodate a larger mattress that they will be able to use through their teenage years. One other thing to consider is building a bed that you can add platforms or portions to as they get older, allowing you to change the mattress as they get older and not forcing them into sleeping in an oversized bed immediately. This all depends on your situation and how much room you have to work with, as well as your budget when working on your DIY project.

Consider Building Upwards

Another tip to help you maximize your space is to utilize all the room you have. Many rooms, especially kid’s rooms will offer less space to work with. Building upwards can help you save loads of room for various purposes. You can build the bed in an elevated manner. This will allow you to create storage space below, making use of your room the best you can. If you are especially confident in your building and construction designs, you can elevate the bed even further to create a desk setup underneath in a sort of bunk bed manner. This allows you to create a space for studying, gaming, or general use and still have enough room to include a full bed without sacrificing space in either aspect.

Make Sure It Is Strong Enough

One of the biggest things that you need to consider when you are constructing a bed is its strength. You want to ensure that it is built strong enough to hold the weight of your kids. Remember that kids can be unpredictable, and jump around or toss themselves or their belongings on their beds. Build something that will hold not just their weight, but also can withstand far more, as you would rather have it sturdy and strong enough to last longer than have to go back and repair or rebuild it if you were to rush through the project. As your children grow, consider changes in their weight as well, and try to accommodate for that to ensure that you build something that lasts long.

Ensure It Is Safe

When you are finishing up building the bed, you want to check the frame and surroundings. With crafting anything, you have to ensure that you prioritize safety. You want to sand down edges and surfaces to avoid splinters and dangerous areas, especially for young children. Ensure that all screws and nails are flat and then use covers and guards to protect them from protruding. If you took the time to be cautious during the construction process, you should not have anything to worry about. Just remember that when you are building your bed for your kids, their safety and health should be a top concern for you.


Bed designs will vary in terms of simple to extravagant. One thing to help you create a unique feel for your kid’s bed and room is the inclusion of different accessories. This could range from things that you normally associate with a bed like headboards or small ottomans that lay at the foot of the bed, to unorthodox designs like LED lights beneath the bed for a different but cool look. Of course, you can also consider functional accessories like storage options, or even some fun electronic features like speakers or projectors. Keep in mind to also consider the placement of outlets around the bed and around the room, as you want access to these for things like your side tables, lamps, and other electronics like a computer or laptop if they have that in their room. Again, this boils down to what your kids are interested in and how much time, money, and effort you are willing to put into the design and accessorizing of their sleeping experience.

Play With Colors

Children love colors. However, selecting the right shade for their room and bed can be tricky. Your little one might be obsessed with everything in hot pink or electric blue for now, but their choice may not stay the same in the coming days. In this situation, repainting the entire room or changing the furniture every few years just because of the color won’t be a practical idea.

For a long-lasting solution, you can accessorize a neutral kid’s room setting with rainbow colors. To update the look, you just need to play with the décor rather than the furniture. 

Make It Cozy

Self-soothing items are a must-have on kids’ beds as they love cuddles. For example, a body pillow, a large stuffed animal, a soft blanket, or anything that feels like a hug. This will give your little ones a sense of safety and calmness when you are not around.

Don’t Neglect Mattresses

Most of the time, it is a convenient option to transfer the cot mattress to the big bed to make the transition easier for kids. Your child will sleep better on his old mattress than on a new and harder one. 

However, this idea will work only if the dimensions of the old crib and new bed are the same. Else, there is no other option than buying a new mattress because the spaces present between the frames can be dangerous for the baby.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

There is nothing like ‘too much storage’ when it comes to kids. These small humans accumulate a lot of stuff, like books, toys, clothes, stationery, shoes, school bags, artwork, sports kits and the list is endless. As they grow, the pile of stuff gets bigger and bigger. Keeping this into account, investing in a bed with storage is definitely a great choice that can benefit you in the long run. From built-in drawers to cabin beds and storage headboards; there are several choices in this category.


Building your own kid’s bed provides you a lot of benefits, from being able to explore creativity and design it how you wish, to creating something that will last long. Make sure to consider your children’s interests as much as their needs, and they will both appreciate and love the time and effort you put into creating their bed.