Building a Mother Son Bucket List

Moms usually have day by day routines at home and almost the same things happen every day. They go on without focusing or paying attention to the moments in between such as family bonding and playing with the kids. If you’re a mom, and you’re going through this, how will you be able to get out of this endless cycle? How can you make the most of your time that you have with your son?

As a mother, you have lots of responsibilities at home. However, you shouldn’t forget that bonding with your son is also one of the most important responsibilities you have for being a mother. Having a close, open relationship with your son can encourage him to be exactly who he is. It can encourage him to be sensitive and empathetic, as well as to be a good man.

One thing that could help you find time to spend with your son is by creating a bucket list. A mother-son bucket list will allow you to fill up your days with adventure and endless fun. By having a bucket list, you will be able to figure out things each one of you is interested in and passionate about. You can either think of a bucket list yourself or take help from the resource material around you.

Ideas For Your Mother-Son Bucket List

A mother playing with her son

If you need help to start one, here are some ideas you can include in your mother-son bucket list.

1. Create your own cookie recipe together.

2. Take your son somewhere that’s special to you.

3. Make some fun and wonderful art and display it at home.

4. Visit the museums in your area.

5. Do some DIY projects such as building a birdhouse or a dog house.

6. Do something nice for your neighbor, but keep it anonymous.

7. Take an archery class together.

8. Start an investment account.

9. Start a hobby together like collecting things.

10. Build a kite and fly it together.

11. Wake up in the middle of the night and go to an all-night diner for breakfast.

12. Adopt a dog from a local animal shelter and train it together.

13. Camp under the stars.

14. Have a pancake feast.

15. Go for a helicopter ride together.

16. Start a garden.

17. Teach your son to sew.

18. Go to an out of town trip.

19. Go out of the country together.

20. Take a vacation on a beautiful beach.

21. Try water rafting together.

22. Go on a pirate cruise.

23. Build something from scratch.

24. Have a professional photo session done.

25. Volunteer for a cause together.

26. Create a mother-son journal.

27. Take a hot air balloon ride.

28. Visit a haunted house and survive it together.

29. Write to your son a letter.

30. Set up a water balloon fight.

31. Visit college campuses.

32. Take your son to a place that is special to you.

33. Take your son to his very first concert.

34. Go out for a special mother-son “date” night.

35. Go on a canoeing trip or Colorado whitewater rafting trip.

36. Rent a cabin by the lake and stay there for the weekend.

37. Cook a special dinner for the family together.

38. Watch a meteor shower or other cosmic events when they happen.

39. Watch a professional sports game.

40 Paint or revamp your house together.

41. Create a model car, train, airplane, etc. – you can start here.

42. Visit older relatives with your son and let them tell stories about their younger years.

43. Take a trip to where your son’s favorite movie was filmed.

44. Serve at a soup kitchen or shelter together.

45. Go jet skiing together.

46. Go to a theme park and ride together on a “scary” ride.

47. Have a games night together.

48. Go camping indoors.

49. Learn a new language together.

50. Help him through a heartbreak.

I am someone who not only likes to create experiences but also record them so that I can see them myself and show them to my children and grandchildren later. Hence I have made a journal, recording the date, time and place with evidence of what we both did together. You can either make your own DIY journal or get one as I did. These bucket list journals are also a great gift for many occasions such as birthdays, mother’s day and children’s day for mothers-to-be and ones that are already mommies.

Your mother-son bucket list can go on for as long as you both want. It is a great way of finding time to spend with each other and at the same time, it will let you discover many things about your son, and he will discover so much about you as well.

Importance of a Mother-Son Relationship

A mother and her son by the lake

Mothers significantly impact their sons to the extent that it can affect how they view relationships later in life. Having a good mother-son relationship is extremely important as it can change how they view the world. Here are some of the reasons why every mother should aim to build a strong bond with their sons. 

Emotionally Intelligent

Boys who have healthy relationships with their mothers are emotionally intelligent. They can handle stressful situations easily because their bond with their mother makes them feel secure and confident. Studies conducted on this relationship indicate that boys who do not have a healthy bond can become more hostile and aggressive later in life due to an insecure parental bond. 

Improved Academics

A mother with a strong relationship with her son will automatically want to be more involved in academics. One of the best ways you can form a stronger bond in your son’s life is to help him with his studies. Not only will you help them improve their performance in school, but you will also spend quality time with them. Other than imparting education, you can also teach him how to become emotionally adequate, which is necessary for a healthy life. 

Less Risky Behavior

Boys close to their mothers are generally less inclined to engage in risky behavior. This is because they are not affected by peer pressure influence. Studies have shown that a good mother-son relationship also results in boys who are not interested in alcohol and drugs.

Respects Women

If you have a close bond with your son, he will respect and appreciate you, which may also translate to other women in his life. Boys with a good mother-son relationship do not have superiority issues and view women as their equals and thus respect them. This is a necessary trait to have as it improves communication and broadens their social circle.

Accomplishing the things listed in your bucket list is also a way to be more open to one another. As you grow old, your son will also be going on with his life and he will soon be creating his own family. But your mother-son bucket list will always be there to remind you of all the great experiences and accomplishments you’ve shared together.