Building A Foundation- Tips To Raise Cybersafety-Aware Kids

Parenting is tough, moms and dads! And the internet and social media make it even more challenging. According to the latest survey, 91 percent of 15 to 16-year-olds in the UK used social media. That’s a scary number if you’re aware of online threats like cyberbullying and identity theft.

You cannot overlook the significance of raising cybersafety-aware kids. It is the only way to protect them from cyberbullies, online predators, and hackers. How challenging can it get? Do you need to be a techie to create awareness in your kids? Don’t panic, parents, because we have an easy guide to build a foundation for your kids.

Here are some tips to help them become more aware and stay safe online. And you can have peace of mind as a parent. Let’s get started!

Start early

Starting early is the best piece of parental advice when it comes to raising kids with cyber safety awareness. It’s never too early to start teaching them about cyber threats and safety measures. Why not begin as soon as they start using technology?

They should know the dos and don’ts of using the internet, and it’s your responsibility to educate them. Highlight the importance of online privacy, and share the input on how to protect their personal information.

Setting boundaries is crucial. Teens may see it as an invasion of privacy early on, but stay firm with the decision. It’s easier to start good habits when children are young instead of trying and break bad habits later. You’ll be in a better place!

Keep the lines of communication open

Open communication is the key to healthy relationships. Moreover, it can help you keep your kids on the right track with online safety. Talk to them about what they’re doing online.

Discuss the apps they use and the information they share on the internet. Encourage them to raise a red flag if they feel uncomfortable interacting with someone or see something that makes them uneasy.

Getting your teen to talk honestly is easier said than done, but you can break the barrier with patience and dedication.

Track your kids

Although you won’t like playing detective with your kids, sometimes it makes sense. Don’t hesitate to stalk their social profiles or track their internet activity if your gut instinct warns you.

In fact, you can bring an ethical hacker on board to dig deep into your kid’s devices and social media accounts. You can easily hire a hacker in UK to keep a close eye on your child.

Having an expert sleuthing for you means you’ll have proper evidence to bring up the concern and help your kid down the line.

Use parental controls

Another easy way to make your kids more aware of their responsibility toward cyber safety is by practicing control over their activity. Luckily, most apps and devices have built-in parental controls.

They let you set limits on the content your kids can access. Use them without second thoughts! You can restrict access to some apps, set time limits, and filter out inappropriate content.

Parental controls help you keep your kids safe online without monitoring their moves. Of course, you can step back once they are grown up enough to choose wisely.

Educate them about privacy

Privacy is perhaps the most critical aspect of internet usage. Every user must be careful about information sharing, and youngsters are no exception.

A harmless social media post can get them into trouble. Sharing personal details while registering on apps and games may have dire consequences. Explain how strangers can use their personal information for malicious purposes.

Also, guide them about posting things on social media. Educate your kid about the importance of strong passwords.

Be a good role model

Are you a good role model for your child? Kids emulate their parents, so setting an example of healthy online etiquette should be a priority.

Practice safe online behavior, watch out for what you post online, and avoid giving personal information to random people and websites. Show your children how to use technology responsibly and they’ll definitely follow suit.

Remember that what you do always leaves a lasting impression, so cut the words and focus on action!

The Takeaway

Do you constantly worry about your kids’ safety online? Well, you surely should be concerned because hackers, bullies, and criminals are everywhere on the internet. Young users are vulnerable, which makes them soft targets. But don’t worry because you can do your bit to cultivate safety awareness in your children. Follow these tips to raise smart and savvy internet users!