Breaking Down the Best Way to Enjoy Your Universal Studios Vacation

You probably know about Universal Studios in Orlando. It’s not a Disney property, so Universal and Disney compete every year. If you’re Florida-bound, you might choose whether you’ll do Universal or a rival like the Magic Kingdom.

Universal Studios remains a beloved favorite. It features some classic rides and spin-tingling rollercoasters. If you’re visiting there this year, you should think about how you can best enjoy all that the park and the Orlando area have to offer.

Let’s discuss how you can do that right now.

Get a Hotel Near the Park

For one thing, you can look into hotels near the park. You can find some hotels near Universal Orlando, while others leave you further out.

If you want fast park access, you might pay a little more and get a room near the entrance. If you can walk just a few short minutes in the morning, you can stand ready at the gates when they open. If you do that, then you can quickly ride the rides you most enjoy.

You can certainly get hotel rooms further away, but you must take transportation to the park in the morning. That costs money, and you must get up earlier to be there right when the park opens.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

When you see all that Universal Studios offers you, you might feel overwhelmed. You will see costumed characters, booths, rides, and more. It’s like a carnival, only so much larger and more elaborate.

As you move around the park, make sure you drink plenty of fluids, especially if you’re there right at the height of summer. The park can become scorching in July and August. Florida sees some high temperatures year-round, but you must really watch yourself in the summer.

You can drink water, but also sports drinks that contain electrolytes. If you feel faint, make sure you sit down and hydrate before getting back on your feet. Also, you can avoid wearing black, blue, or other dark colors. Wearing a white outfit can make a huge difference.

Put on Sunblock

You should apply sunblock before venturing into the park. You can put some on when the day begins, but you should also reapply it during the day.

Even darker-skinned individuals need it. You can easily make yourself sick if you’re in the sun all day and don’t protect yourself. Bringing sunglasses makes sense as well.

Look Into Shuttles

You may check out shuttles that go from the hotel right to the park. You can often find hotels with shuttles that visit Universal Studios throughout the day and the various Disney-themed parks as well.

You might get a hotel with a shuttle that goes to and from the airport too. That should come in handy when you arrive and when you leave. Make sure you bring some money and tip the shuttle driver. They will definitely appreciate that.

Pick the Right Day to Fly

You should also think about what days make sense if you’re arriving in Florida or leaving. You might think flying in and out on the weekend sounds best, but weekend flights usually cost more.

If you look on discount flight websites, you will often notice that Tuesday or Wednesday flights don’t cost as much. Flying into Orlando on a Tuesday and leaving the following Wednesday might make the most sense from a price standpoint.

Can You Afford First Class?

You may think about whether you want all-out luxury on this trip or whether you should save money where you can. If you have unlimited funds, you can fly first class both ways, but how many people can say that?

If saving money appeals, then you might skip traveling first class. You won’t have the legroom or free alcohol in coach, but you can save some serious cash. You might get a closer hotel room that way.

What Amenities Does the Hotel Have?

You can also look at the hotel’s amenities. If you have plenty of money, then getting a hotel near Universal Studios that’s all-inclusive might appeal. You can save cash when you get one that does not have that feature, though.

You may feel that getting a hotel with a continental breakfast makes sense. If you eat a big breakfast at the hotel, maybe you won’t spend so much money on food in the park. The food in the park isn’t exactly cheap, so consider that when planning out the day’s expenses.