Brain improvement games review – Play free brain games on your mobile phone

Brain games are considered to be very important for both adults and children in their growing stages. There are plenty of scientific benefits of playing mind games, including improving memory, mental health, and other cognitive abilities. Brain games are just like physical exercise for the mind as your body benefits from PE; in the same way, your brain benefits and stays young with the help of mind games.

Brain games Review – Do they trigger improvements?

The benefits of mind games are not that common as people are still unaware of the best brain games they can get on their mobile. In this section, we will tell you what brain games are and why they are important for the elderly.

Brain or mind games are mental activities that help your brain think, grow, and be creative. Brain games include playing puzzles, board games, paintings, listening to music, or learning a new language. All of these activities are considered to be beneficial for your mind, especially for adults.

If you want to know why smart brain games are considered to be important, then you should read the benefits we have listed below:

  • Creates a sense of well-being
  • Improves memory skills
  • Create opportunities for social participation
  • Can create a sense of mental independence
  • Cultivate thinking skills
  • Improve motor skills
  • Enhance cognitive abilities
  • Develop and improve social skills
  • Enhance reaction and response time
  • Improve general knowledge
  • Charges hand to eye coordination

Now that you know about the importance of brain games and how they can improve your mental health, we would like you to know about some of the best free logic games you can get on your mobile.

Free Mind Games that you can get on your smartphone!


You don’t have to stress about getting physical puzzles, board games, or even partners to play with today. This is because you have smartphones on which you can get brain game apps and play with other digital players from across the globe. Some of the free and helpful mind games are listed below:

1. Brain Games For Adults – Brain Training Games

This is one of the top-rated apps that you can get on your mobile. This mind game app is for both adults and youngsters. This application is famous because it offers 40+ brain games in one place. The games on this application are categorized to target certain aspects of the human mind. Some games can help you increase brain focus, whereas some of them can help you think fast. All of the games indexed on this app are beneficial and intriguing for your mind. This is why you need to try this app on your smartphone. You can get it for free on your mobile and use it without any restrictions.

2. Sudoku

Sudoku is an old game that we have seen since our childhood. This is a number placement game which helps a player improve their short term memory issues. You can play Sudoku online, or you can also get a Sudoku app on your smartphone. The Sudoku applications are much more advanced and interesting than the conventional desktop game, and you would enjoy it. Experts recommend that children start playing Sudoku from a very early age to train their minds and focus on problem-solving skills.

3. Crosswords

Crosswords are also best for training minds. These are classic games that can help adults and kids train their brains and assist them in getting more knowledge. You can do crosswords online or download the crosswords application and play them offline on your phone. Crosswords are important as they can also help you keep track of your progress and mind-related skills. You can play crossword levels that suit your interest the most.

4. Braingle

This is another mind game application that you should get on your smartphone. This app is free to use, and you must know that it is known to be one of the largest brain teaser collections you can find on the web. There are thousands of teasers, puzzles, and other games indexed on this application which you can play without any restrictions. This game is specifically designed for adults because it offers advanced training techniques including optical illusions, quizzes, codes, and even cyphers.

5. Luminosity

Luminosity is a great game to flex your brain muscles to improve five areas of brain function; attention, speed, flexibility, memory and problem-solving. This game has been devised by researchers around the world and is specially devised to exercise the brain without so much as leaving your bed. In the free version, you get access to three games a day along with a 10-minute evaluation to compare your brain power to others your age. 

6. Elevate 

This game is the perfect way to build communication skills and add to your analytic abilities. Elevate allows users to play entertaining challenges daily to make it seem more like a game and less like an exercise. The games are engaging and the free version opens up five games a day. There are also mini-games in the app that are more centered around focusing on the mind, memory, reading and other cognitive skills that you may use on a daily basis. 

Are our brain games worth your time?

Many people ask us whether playing mind games and getting brain game apps are worth their time and energy. Well, the fact of the matter is that brain games have a positive effect on your mind. Suppose you are looking for games to kill your time. In that case, you won’t be able to gain much from the above-listed resources. Still, if you want to train your mind and improve your mental abilities, then you can experience improvement and change in how your mind responds to certain aspects and problems if you are taking regular sessions with the mind training games.

So yes, brain games are worth your time if you have time and interest to be mentally fit and active.

Brain games affect different age groups differently, so if you are trying to get your children into brain games it would be wise to start with games like chess, sudoku, crosswords and even matching item games. These games are perfect for cultivating problem-solving, strategy making and memory retention in young children. 

However, for adults reaching old age, it is better to get into games that challenge skills the brain has already learnt to progress toward a healthy elderly life. Brain game apps such as Elevate and Luminosity are perfect for this since they allow elderly folk to exercise their brain lightly without having to develop new skills. 

Wrapping up 

On a daily basis, our cognitive abilities allow us to navigate through life without hiccups. These skills are just as important for us as our arms and legs are. In order to continue living a healthy and successful life, training the brain to work efficiently is very important. Brain games provide us with an easy way to work our minds without exerting ourselves physically. Be sure to try out these games and track your improvement to see the benefits for yourself.