Best Wedding Day Ideas for Boho Wedding

Boho-inspired weddings have a lot of appealing points: the focus on natural beauty cuts back on planning, cost, and impact on the environment, for starters. Boho weddings also inspire a beautiful-yet-casual environment that evokes feelings of whimsy and magic.

Best Wedding Day Ideas

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To bring out your inner boho bliss and find your unique voice in this wedding trend, try some of these wedding day ideas for your boho wedding.

Less for the Dress is More

Boho-inspired dresses are meant to be subtle and soft, without being over-the-top. A-line cuts and lace are the epitome of boho chic, with exposed skin, off-the-shoulder necklines, and a mix of comfort and style. Boho wedding dresses capture the nostalgia of the hippie era with a modern twist. For some of our favorite boho dresses, click here.

For accessories, delicate hair chains, lacey veils that compliment the gown, and flower crowns are fan favorites. Simple updos, braids, or long, loose locks pull the look together.

Natural Setting

Getting married in a natural setting is a key element of a boho wedding. Whether you tend to be a beach bum or drawn toward the majesty of an old forest, plan on having an outdoor wedding rain or shine. Of course, with a natural setting comes other planning considerations. How will you keep guests comfortable? How will you transport things too and from the venue? How will you power the music and lights?  You should definitely check out something like for a great option.

If having an entirely outdoor wedding isn’t possible, look for indoor venues that have beautiful natural surroundings for mingling with guests and taking photos.  Be sure to go there in style with a wedding limousine service.

Natural and Vintage Decor

Boho weddings should have a lot of natural decor elements: wood, florals, etc. Choosing a venue with lots of natural elements, such as a garden or greenhouse, can capture the natural splendor without breaking the bank on floral arrangements. However, incorporating a few floral arches or flowers hanging from fishing wire adds a nice flair. It would also be a nice touch if you can wrap the tables and chairs with tablecloth linens to enhance the style and comfortability of your guests.

Look at decor options inspired by the 1960s and 1970s as well. Dream catchers are gorgeous, unique design elements that also double as interesting wedding favors while macrame makes a statement. For a truly unique experience, rent an old Volkswagen bus for transport and use it as the backdrop for a photo booth as well.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes started a huge trend over recent years, and fit very well with the boho wedding look. Naked cakes opt for minimal frosting between layers and a few floral elements, rather than elaborately decorated and iced designs that have long dominated the wedding circuit. Alternatively, a simple white cake adorned with florals, twigs, berries, and greenery makes a huge impact without detracting from the theme.

Ceremony Elements

To pull the event together, incorporate natural-inspired elements into the ceremony itself. Provide all of the guests with petals to throw as you walk back down the aisle. Incorporate a Pagan handfasting ritual into your marriage rites. Incorporate a ring warming ceremony to include your guests in the ceremony and create an aura of love and support.

Types of Boho Wedding Themes 

A Boho or bohemian theme is an incredibly popular trend that combines trends popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It includes earthy colors and elements with linens, lace, and wildflowers. Boho is the perfect blend of different textures and colors with a whimsical touch. Due to the toned-down nature of this theme, it has become a trendy wedding theme. There are various kinds of boho wedding themes that you can choose for your special day. 

Rustic Bohemian Wedding Theme

A rustic bohemian wedding theme utilizes a neutral color palette with a few pops of colors that match the bohemian theme. To keep with the rustic farmhouse style, you can tone down the colors, so they are not very bright. A hallmark of this theme is macrame, so you can include woven elements in various parts of the decor. Natural elements are also a must. You can add wood details, succulents, wildflowers, and more.  

Vintage Bohemian Wedding Theme

A vintage bohemian wedding theme incorporates more festival videos into the traditional style, which makes it a very versatile theme. There are endless opportunities to incorporate vintage pieces into your decor, dress, and food. Popular decor for vintage bohemian weddings includes lace table runners, vintage furniture, printed flowers on your invites, and more. 

Romantic Bohemian Wedding Theme

To make the environment more romantic than it already is, you can choose a romantic bohemian wedding theme. You can bring in vintage and rustic elements and make the atmosphere dreamy. The perfect color palette for such a wedding includes light pinks, soft reds, and a lot of white. You can use plenty of florals and arrange them on each table with soft grasses and dried flowers. 

Desert Bohemian Wedding Theme

A desert bohemian wedding brings the wild beauty of the desert into your wedding decor. Suppose you are getting married in a dry landscape. In that case, you can use it to your advantage and add desert flora to your arrangements, decorate using pampas grass, and line the aisle with cacti.

Having a boho wedding is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere that will create a stress-free wedding day and a memorable affair for your guests.