Best Ways to Get Rid of Weed from Your Lawn

You might be dreaming of having a lush green lawn outside your home with the changing season. But, weeds popping out in your garden are a sore sight. Weeds may deteriorate and contaminate your backyard.

Weed infestations, if left untreated, will soon give your yarn a brown, dead look. Websites like Green Grass Plot offer easy, sustainable ways to clear weed without damaging your lawn.

Read on to understand the best ways to get rid of these botanical interlopers from your vegetable patch.

Use of Herbicides

According to reports, the global herbicides market was estimated at $27.21 billion in 2016. So, there’s no shortage of the right options for your garden.

You can buy herbicides from different brands in your local gardening supply store. They are a powerful item to kill weeds in your lawn.

However, it is essential to choose a suitable composition of chemicals to treat wildflowers in your home garden. A premium quality product will only destroy the weeds and have no harmful effects on your garden plants.

Use Home Remedies

Websites like Green Grass Plot will give you a lot of natural ways to get rid of weed infestation from your backyard and front yard. Some of the everyday items used to kill weed are:

Salt Water: Pouring boiling salt water on the weed-filled area forces them to dry out and die quickly.

Plant-based Oils: Covering the weeds with plant-based oils is one of the safest ways to kill them. It doesn’t harm the soil.

Oil blocks the process of photosynthesis and makes the weed die quickly.

Spray Vinegar: Spraying an acid-based solution like vinegar on the lawn will not only dry the upper plant but destroy the weed right from the root part.

Use Mulch: Fabricating the soil with mulch keeps the soil wet and cool. It hampers the growth of weeds in your lawn.

Use Baking Soda and Bleach: Baking soda and bleach have high sodium content. These chemicals can kill weeds like crabgrass and dandelion, which grow in home gardens.

Implement Soil Solarization Techniques

When dealing with a large-scale weed infection, you can use soil solarization to clear the area faster. An artificial greenhouse is created in this process, covering a bare part of the land for two months.

It will cook weed roots and make it easier to get rid of them in bulk amounts.

Gently Pull Out the Weeds Manually

While this technique is the slowest way to get rid of weed infestation, it is the safest way to remove them from the roots.

You can grab the weeds and pull them. You can opt for overseeding the area afterward to fill the empty spots. It reduces the chance of the weeds growing back again.

You may also cut off the tops with special gardening tools. It curbs their growth and dries them out faster.

Final Words

Smothering your lawn area with a biodegradable cloth can stop weeds from growing further. It will reduce the damage to your lawn and help keep your plants healthy and green for a longer time.