Best Soft Tops for Your Jeep To Withstand Rain & Snow

Jeep enthusiasts everywhere love the removable roofs from their vehicles. Not only can you cruise around with the open air coming in, but you can also change your roof to an aftermarket alternative to get some additional features. If you are thinking about buying a Jeep Wrangler soft top replacement, you may be concerned about how it will handle the rain and snow. The following are some soft tops that are well-suited for this.

Bestop Twill Supertop

This aftermarket soft top is made from strong twill fabric. It offers significantly more luxurious feeling than the normal vinyl used on both OEM and aftermarket soft tops. However, it still offers excellent waterproofing thanks to a rubberized middle layer.

The top is carefully designed to seal in heat and prevent water from seeping in through the seams. Compared to many other options, this replacement roof will let you enjoy a surprisingly warm and cozy interior even in the harshest weather.

There is a rear window section that can be rolled up to improve airflow during hot weather. This closes with zippers to offer a great seal. Overall, this is a high-quality top that fits in place easily and does its job well.

MOPAR Sunrider

Sunrider soft tops are popular among Jeep enthusiasts because they allow driving with the top rolled back without needing to completely remove the roof. Many people are hesitant to try this type of roof in areas with cold winters. However, this MOPAR sailcloth roof provides a great seal on JL models. There is no need for zippers because it uses the built-in OEM seal system.

You can pull back the soft top whenever you like. When it is cold or wet out, the roof seals in place very easily and provides excellent waterproofing and heat sealing. Compared to some other options, this soft top comes with a high price tag. However, if you want something that is easy to use and that works well, you can’t find many better options. For full buildouts including fender flares for Jeep wranglers, accessories and more, this is a great option.

Smittybilt Replacement Soft Top

For a more affordable option, consider Smittybilt’s replacement soft top. This has fewer features than the above two options and less premium materials. However, it is available for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, it is designed with a precision fit that offers the most important characteristics: heat sealing and waterproofing.

The top is made from a multi-layered, high-quality vinyl. It features tinted windows that help to reduce the heat during sunny days. Plus, the installation process is easy. If you are looking for an accessible soft top with good performance, this should be on your list.

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Working on your Jeep can be a lot of fun. It is even better when you get to take it out on the road or trail with all your favorite accessories and modifications. If you are planning to install some aftermarket Jeep tires and rims, fender flares and other parts, consider picking up a replacement roof as well. You can even Check cb radio for your jeep as well. The above three offer good performance in bad weather.