Best Places to Buy Dad Caps (Online & Store)

Are you looking for a place you can buy dad hats? If yes, then this article is what you have been looking for. Dad hats are a stylish accessory that you should add to your wardrobe. However, if you want to take your style several notches higher, you need to purchase from dealers who guarantee you the style you are looking for. Look for a dealer who as a direct contact with the Cap Manufacturer. With the right dealers, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and get the quality for the money. If you can’t seem to find legit dealers to purchase dad caps from, read on to the end. We recommend online shops and stores where you can buy your dad’s hats. Let’s get going. 

The Best Places for Dad Hats

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1. Delusion MFG

If you are looking for credibility and versatility in an online store, Delusion MFG is your go-to store. Delusion MFG stocks all kinds of hats you need. You have the opportunity to choose from their vast collection of dad hats. They come in many different colors, and made of different materials. You get to choose what works best for you. You will be spoilt of choices. 

Delusion MFG will let you know when a product is sold out, and when they will be restocking. 

Besides, their transparency is incredible. They openly show you the price of the hat, the reviews, and ratings from previous customers. You get to check the ratings and reviews before choosing their hats. You will forget about stores with hidden additional costs once you choose Delusion MFG. 

2. Dad hat life

The best thing about Dad Hat life is that they run a promotion called ‘Deal of the Day.’ In this promotion, they lower the price of a particular good ridiculously. They allow you to get the dad hat on fantastic offers. In this promotion, they let you know how many people have made their purchases, and how many more hats are still available for sale. So if you are looking for fantastic discounts, keep a close eye on this site’s deal of the day. 

They openly display the price of the hat and the rating of the previous customers. 

 Another reason that will have you fall in love with this site is their extensive collection of beautiful hats. Their hats are fabulous and will stand out in a crowd. The quality of their caps is also amazing. Besides beauty and quality, their delivery services are incredible. They will deliver the goods you have ordered to your doorstep. They also have a support team that deals with customer satisfaction 24 hours a day. You can chat with the support team or email them, and you will receive a quick reply. 

3. Pacsun

Voila! Here is a store that stocks dad hats from your favorite designer brands. Some of the brands Pacsun stocks include Obey, Puma, Adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, The Avocado Tree, Rhythm, Tommy Jeans, Kappa and Brixton. There are several other brands stocked in this online store.  

 Pacsun is legit. You are assured of original hats from your brand and not replicas. Pacsun offers impressive discounts on your dream designer caps. It also has design inspiration for different genders. They have a wide variety of goods. You choose what you love best.

4. Zumiez

Zumiez is another store that offers you amazing deals on your designer dad hats. It has an extensive collection of hats from various designer labels. They also have occasional offers that let you acquire your dream designer dada hat at a throw-away price. The online store allows you to shop by sex, designer, or collection. It is, therefore, easy to find what you are looking for from their comprehensive collection. 

 Zumiez also has physical stores across cities in the United States. You have to enter your zip code on their website to locate a store close to you. 

5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is an online shop that has physical stores. Entering your zip code on their site allows you to locate a store near you. Their website lets you view the products in stock, the price, description, ratings, and reviews from customers. The details and material description on their daddy hats make you know you are ordering. 

They have a vast collection of dad hats that are reasonably priced. You have to search their page, order for it, and wait for it to get shipped. 

A Guide to Choosing the Best Dad Hats

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Dad hats are pretty similar to baseball caps, but they differ very slightly. A dad hat is a six-paneled baseball cap with a simple logo and an unstructured front panel. They also have pre-curved brims and are usually made using cotton or canvas. The biggest appeal of dad hats is that they are floppy and relaxed, making them perfect for casual wear. If you are on the hunt for dad hats and do not know how to pick the perfect one, here are some tips.

Choose a Staple Color

To get the most out of your purchase, it is essential that you choose a color that you like. Dad hats are available in a variety of different colors and styles so you can find simple ones such as black, navy, and gray and also some bright pink or blues. Ideally, you should look through your closet, see what color you have most, and try to pair your hat with that color. That way, you will be able to pair it with almost any outfit.

Size It Correctly

Dad hats are usually available in one size and can fit almost everyone. This is made possible with the fastening at the back. There are many different kinds of fastenings that are used on dad hats, including velcro, nylon belt, or plastic snap. Therefore, you should choose a fastening that you find easiest to adjust. Additionally, never wear your dad hats too tight because they are made to be loose-fitting.

Choose the Right Fabric

The material used to make a dad hat is an essential consideration because it determines whether or not it will be breathable and hot will fit you. Most hat makers try to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, so you may find a variety of different materials being used to make dad hats. Natural materials such as cotton and linen are excellent because they are soft, breathable, and have moisture-wicking properties. 


Dad hats are a fashion accessory that a lot of people embrace. You don’t want to look regular. If you want to look more fashion-forward, flashy and stylish, you have to get a good store to purchase your dad hats. Purchasing dada hats from the stores above will have your friends asking you to refer them to your dealer. And that’s what we all want, to look more fashion-forward than the rest of the crowd.