Best Gifts for New Moms That She’ll Actually Use

Becoming a new mom is a new and exciting experience, but the new responsibilities that this new role offers can make new moms one of the busiest people around us. This is why being thoughtful with the gifts you choose to give them can go a long way in making their lives easier. As you think of gift ideas, think around items that will help them get more rest, save them time, and allow them some much-needed space for self-care. To help you get some ideas going, here are three unique gift options she’ll love.

An electric breast pump to suit her new lifestyle

Ask the new mom in your life and she’ll tell you that she could use a break from breastfeeding now and then. Now that you know that she could use the time off, consider getting her a breast pump for when someone else needs to help with the baby’s feeding. Baby products are a dime a dozen, so finding the best electric breast pump can be hard to do when you don’t know what features to look for.

To start, consider the new mom’s lifestyle. For instance, will she be planning on going back to work soon? Will she be a stay-at-home mom? This is important because her lifestyle will set the tone for key considerations such as how often she’ll need to pump, the amount of time in a workday that she’ll be able to allocate to a pumping session, the kind of pumping accessories she’ll need, and the ease of assembling the pump parts.

There are several types of breast pumps to choose from, but first, you need to know how different they are from each other. You can consider a single or double electric breast pump for its ability to switch up the levels of suction. This would work well for days when your new mom has a generous milk supply that she needs to express. Given the convenience they offer, most busy moms prefer double electric pumps because they’re a great time-saving option.

Alternatively, you can consider manual pumps which don’t need an electric supply to work. In this category, the Elvie Curve and Haakaa Pumps are some great options to consider. As you look up electric pumps, also consider getting her a subscription to a cutesy nursing bra brand. Nursing bras don’t have to look frumpy, they can still be cute and functional at the same time.

Pamper her with an at-home gel mani-pedi session

Most new moms can hardly squeeze in a minute or two to themselves. This is because newborns require round-the-clock care, and this leaves most moms with little to almost no time for self-care. Luckily, thanks to the creation of DIY gel nail kits, the new mom in your life can enjoy professional quality gel nails at home without the hassle of having to be away from their baby for a long time. The good news is that these days, the best DIY home manicure kits also include provisions for moms who prefer regular polish to gel manicures, as well as cool stick-on nail art options, cuticle oil, topcoat, and base coat options.

Gift a yearly subscription to a meal delivery service

Cooking can be quite a strenuous activity, especially if your new mom’s friend is still recovering from her delivery. So, to help ease her postpartum recovery, consider gifting her a subscription to a food delivery service. If she’s a new mom without family living close by, consider getting her an Ipsa Provisions meal delivery subscription. Founded by a world-renowned chef, this food delivery service delivers freshly made and frozen organic spreads uniquely tailored to expectant or postpartum moms.

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