Best Features of the BAKFlip F1 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Equipping a high-quality truck bed cover is a must if you off-road in your pickup. BAK Industries is a leader in this category, producing some of the best folding and rolling covers in the industry. BAK tonneau covers consistently earn high praise and ratings for their durability, versatility and convenience. The BAKFlip F1 is just one example, but some key features make it a standout. A quick review of these shows why the BAKFlip F1 is one of the best hard-folding tonneau covers on the market.

Durable Construction and Surface

The BAKFlip F1 features an advanced impact-resistant construction, with premium density foam core and heavy-duty aluminum underside panels. The F1’s fiberglass reinforced polymer surface is one of the most resilient in the industry – dent-, ding- and scratch-resistant. Not only that, the F1 includes an upgraded latch housing. Thanks to this superior strength and durability, the F1 stays looking great while protecting your gear for the long haul.

Improved Water Resistance

Moisture is another major enemy when you’re carrying cargo. Fortunately, BAK Industries thought of everything. The BAKFlip F1’s outer rail seals are made from EPDM – that’s short for ethylene propylene diene monomer. EPDM is a synthetic rubber compound boasting superb resistance to environmental damage, including surface-fading UV radiation. UV rays and ozone are a nasty combination: Both can break down chemical bonds and cause materials to disintegrate. Thanks to these properties, EPDM resists weathering and keeps water out of your truck bed.

Sophisticated Drainage System

BAK Industries’ design team shows off its innovative expertise with the BAKFlip F1’s drainage system. Incorporated into the cover itself, this system consists of channels that route liquids away from the cover and into drainage tubes. With this plus the EPDM seals, your truck bed and cargo stay dry.

Complete Truck Bed Access

You want to protect your gear, but you also need easy access to your precious cargo space. BAK bed covers, including the BAKFlip F1, give you access to your entire truck bed. The F1’s unique tri-fold cover completely opens from your tailgate to your cab. Simply fasten the support struts and your bed is 100% open. Whether you’re unloading or just riding the trails, the F1 cover can stay open while installed onto your bed.

Easy Open and Close

Protecting your truck bed is one thing, but a tonneau cover must also be easy to use. The BAKFlip F1 scores high marks in both categories. The trifold cover integrates string latches that let you fold it back toward your truck’s cab. And when you close the cover, those same latches instantly connect with the F1’s rail.

Off-roaders choose BAK Industries truck bed covers for many reasons. With so many top-performing models in its BAKFlip series, it’s easy to understand why. The BAKFlip F1, plus BAK Industries Revolver X2 tonneau covers and rack-integrated models like the BAKFlip CS, have plenty to offer for protection, durability and convenience. Selecting the best one for your pickup is important, but don’t forget to shop at a reputable off-roading parts and accessories retailer.