Benefits of Using Solar Panels in a Home

According to statistics, the US solar grew by 77% in 2012. The year marked the beginning of large scale availability of solar panels to homeowners in North America. You might be wondering why a lot of people use to have Business energy quotes and have opted to go for solar energy. For a homeowner that is conscious about costs and saving the environment, going green shouldn’t be something to think twice about. There are a couple of benefits you can get from installing solar panels in your home and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Saves You Money

This is one of the main reasons why most homeowners should seriously consider installing solar panels in their homes. Installing solar panels could save you up to $100 in energy bills every month. There is the potential of saving thousands of dollars as a result of installing solar panels. There are some places where you’re allowed to sell back unused energy to the grid. That means that you not only save money but you can make some as well. You won’t need to rely on suppliers when you’re generating the energy on your own.

Environmental Impact

Compared to other forms of energy, solar has the least impact on the environment. You will be harnessing a free resource that is available in abundance to generate energy. Solar energy doesn’t pollute water sources and there are no harmful emissions to worry about. There is little water involved in the maintenance, which is not the same for other sources of energy such as nuclear, which needs 20 times more water. There is no noise that is created, which is ideal for the home environment.

Applicable Everywhere

You can use solar energy anywhere as long as there is sunshine. This could come in handy in remote areas where having a reliable electrical connection is an issue. There are millions of people around the world that still don’t have electricity. Solar systems can be deployed in such areas to improve the livelihood and quality of people.

Improved Grid Security

The grid will be less susceptible to blackouts, where there are different forms of power that could be just as reliable. There are thousands of supply points for a grid with high penetration of solar energy. There is nothing to worry about in the event of an overload or disaster.

Less Loss During Long-Distance Transport

Around 5% of electricity is lost during transport. This could translate into millions of dollars in losses if it is a large scale operation. Such losses could also have a big impact on places with high population density. When you have solar panels on the roof, the distance is significantly reduced.

Peak Hours Energy Production

There is usually a high demand for energy between 11 am to 4 pm. This is also the time when electricity is more expensive compared to other times of the day. For solar energy, it is during such hours when it reaches maximum capacity.

Job Creation

The solar industry has been responsible for creating thousands of jobs. One of the main costs associated with solar panels is the installation. There will always be a demand for experienced contractors that work on roof installations. You might be wondering how Brentwood & San Ramon based Solar Energy Company creates an impact as a green energy company.

Increase Home Value

Homebuyers are willing to pay more for a house that has a solar panel involved. This is because they’re aware of the cost-saving benefits of solar power systems. This means that a home that has solar power is more attractive to potential customers. Check out to learn more interesting facts about how solar panels can increase home value. 


You can take advantage of the incentives provided by the state and federal level. With the incentives, you save up to to$7500 for a system that costs $25000 upwards. You can do research online to find out the incentives that you qualify for.

Secure Investment

Solar energy allows for one to know about the energy that has produced and how long it will last. There is also guaranteed performance because most solar heater manufacturers will offer a 20+ year warranty. A good unit should be able to last for more than 25 years even with little maintenance.

To sum it up, you can create energy independence by simply investing in solar panels. You get to get rid of the dependence on other sources of energy which might not be clean or takes a lot of resources to produce. You will also recoup your investment after a couple of years and you find it hard to sell the house should you decide to put in on the market.