Benefits of Shopping for an Engagement Ring Online and Important Tips to Help You Shop Safely

Shopping for an engagement ring is one of the most expensive purchase decisions in a person’s life. Hence it’s important to take the time to decide and pick the perfect engagement ring for their perfect partner.

Much like every other commodity in the market, jewelry too can be bought online. However, since jewels are generally expensive, it is a significant decision.

Hence, people prefer going to the store so they can look at the piece in person and even try it on to make sure it looks and feels good before purchasing it.

Thankfully, online jewelry stores are on the rise, serving as a great alternative to traditional brick-or-mortar stores. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, consider buying it online, as it is not only safer but also offers you an array of benefits that makes the process smoother and more convenient.

Top Reasons To Buy an Engagement Ring Online

Here are the top reasons to buy an engagement ring online.

1. Saves time

Instead of having to visit ten different stores spread across the city to look for a ring, you can look at numerous models varying in size, cut, and clarity right from the comfort of your couch or bed, making it convenient as well as time-saving.

What’s great is that it’s also easier to compare your preferred rings side by side on your smartphone, PC, or Mac. Thus, taking out the hassle and stress in the decision-making process. Plus, you no longer have to spend an hour or two driving. Just shop wherever you are, pick a ring that suits your style and budget, and have it delivered to your doorstep. That’s absolute convenience!

2. Saves money

It is no secret that shopping from online stores is much cheaper. This is true for online jewelry stores as well. Since the jeweler saves money on rent and other expenses, the savings are directly reflected in the prices of their products.

Generally, you can save from 30% up to 50% when you buy rings online, giving you the best available prices right from the onset. Due to tight competition, you can also see many online stores running discounts and freebies.

Take advantage of them as these deals are more consumer-friendly and mouth-watering than physical stores, given that they are hardly in a position to provide the same markdowns. As such, it’s no surprise why shoppers are increasingly getting drawn to buying their engagement rings online!

3. Access to more options

By moving your primary research for an engagement ring online, you can browse through different designs. You will have a chance to scour through more options before deciding on the perfect one.

You’d be surprised how extensive the inventories these online stores have compared to that of physical stores, whose displays are often limited by the size of their stores. Whether it’s diamond, white gold, titanium, antique, etc.,  you are certain to find the right engagement ring for you with the endless collection available online.

4. Exchanges are easy

People often consider online shopping complicated, but if you shop from a reputed online store with favorable return and exchange policies, the process is pretty straightforward.

5. Better decision-making

When you visit a jewelry store, the sales staff will try to sell the items that make the store the most profit.

But, when buying an engagement ring online, you do not have to make any decision based on anyone’s persuasion. This way, you are free to choose the ring that appeals to you the most, without having anyone influence your decision.

That means that you can shop basically pressure-free as there’s no intrusion from salesmen who usually don’t care a lot about your interest and are more inclined to secure a sale. You also won’t feel guilty or awkward should you not buy anything from all the rings the salesperson has presented and his efforts to convince you.

Moreover, you also avoid shopping in crowded stores, which can be irritating, especially during special festivities and occasions. When you buy an engagement ring online, there are absolutely no worries, and you can browse, decide, and purchase peacefully. 

6. Safe, seamless, and quick

Today’s digital revolution saw us ordering everything online, from clothes, furniture, appliances, cosmetics, and even our food and groceries online. Buying an engagement ring online is no different, as you only need to search, select, and buy whatever suits your preference and budget.

What you’ll love is that reputable stores also now have safer payment gateways, allowing you to keep your purchase safe. Thus, also making the overall process safe, seamless, and quick. From there, you just need to wait for the jewelry to be delivered without any hiccups. 

7. Offers privacy

Buying an engagement ring online is your best bet if you wish to keep it a secret from your significant other. Looking for one in different physical stores makes it easy to be found out, which isn’t the case when shopping online, as it offers privacy. You can even have it delivered to a trusted friend or relative’s house for better safety. Then, just clear your browser history so your partner won’t know about anything until the big day.

8. Access to reviews and ratings

Another reason to purchase an engagement ring online is that you can access online reviews and ratings, making it easier to know the jeweler’s reputation and separate trustworthy stores from fake ones. Their products also show customer feedback, and you can use such insights when weighing a purchase.

Tips for shopping for an engagement ring online

1. Know the sizes

Rings sizes are reasonably easy to figure out. If you are planning to surprise your partner, take one of the rings they currently wear and match it with the sizes on a printed ring size chart. This way, you will be able to find the exact circumference.

2. Learn the quality indicators

There are minor details that dictate the quality of jewelry. You must at least gain basic knowledge about these quality indicators. Start with learning about diamond’s clarity marks such as S1, S2, and others.

In addition, learning the 4Cs of a gemstone will help you in making better decisions.

3. Always read the fine print

Pay careful attention to the seller’s policies and payment methods. Check the return period and how the ring will be posted to your address.

While these terms and conditions are often long, boring, and brimmed with jargon, it’s best to read them, especially since an engagement ring is an expensive purchase. If your significant other doesn’t like the ring or, unfortunately, says no, you want to ensure that you have an escape hatch.

Some things to look at include the exchange and return policy, the return window, a money-back guarantee (now a standard among many online stores), and the refund timeframe. Meanwhile, some red flags to watch out for include a short return window, disowning liability if the ring doesn’t meet your expectations, and the absence of tracking information.

4. Only buy from a certified seller

You must always buy from a certified online store to ensure you receive genuine gemstones and precious metals. When you visit their website, check their certifications and accreditation in the ‘about us’ section.

If you are unsure about the online website you want to shop from, consider seeking advice and recommendations from your friends or family who have previously ordered jewelry from any online store.

Alternatively, you can judge online jewelers and stores using name recognition. Household names usually have a solid reputation online that traces back for years or decades. If they’re not a big name, check if you can see them in well-reputed blogs, online magazines, video reviews, and other sites mentioning them.

Lastly, check the site itself. Do you see a padlock symbol on the address bar? Does it offer safe payment methods like PayPal? Is there a valid trust seal? Does the website look professionally produced, or does it contain lots of type errors, shows poor images, and is of an unappealing design? Through that, you can assess if the site is legitimate or not.

5. Ask if they can send a video

Videos are far superior to photos as you can clearly see how the ring fits on a hand and its scale, quality, polish, twinkle, and overall actual appearance, making it easier to get things right in the first place. If the website doesn’t show any videos on the site, you can ask the jeweler if they can send you a video. Note that the video doesn’t need to be glamorous. Even a simple one showing someone wearing a sample of your preferred ring will suffice and help you decide on your purchase.

6. Order early

If you have already decided on a specific proposal date, it’s better to order it as soon as possible. Timelines for making can vary and usually takes longer during busy periods like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year. Factor in more time for delivery than what you’ll need so you’ll be safe just in case there are issues along the way. Try to purchase at least two to three months before the proposal date, if not longer.

7. Get insurance

Once the search is over, ensure you get the ring insured. Your engagement ring is a high-value item. Should any mishap happen, like the ring getting lost during the shipment or accidentally dropped off the cliff or a stream, you’ll have peace of mind as you’re covered.

Final Words

Purchasing an engagement ring online offers an array of benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions before shopping, and you’ll soon find the perfect ring for your partner that’s worthy of being proudly worn for a lifetime.