Benefits of shopping for an engagement ring online and important tips to help you shop safely

Shopping for an engagement ring is one of the most expensive purchase decisions in a person’s life. Hence it’s important to take the time to decide and pick the perfect engagement ring for their perfect partner.

Much like every other commodity in the market, jewelry too can be bought online. However, since jewels are generally expensive, it is a significant decision.

Hence, people prefer going to the store so they can look at the piece in person and even try it on to make sure it looks and feels good before purchasing it.

But, with the onset of pandemic and lockdown restrictions, online jewelry stores noticed an uptick in sales. If you are currently looking for an engagement ring, it would be wise to buy it online as it is not only safer, but also saves you plenty of time.

Here are some more reasons why you must consider buying an engagement ring online.

1. Saves time

Instead of having to visit ten different stores spread across the city to look for a ring, you can look at numerous models varying in size, cut, and clarity right from the comfort of your couch or bed, making it convenient as well as time-saving.

2. Saves money

It is no secret that shopping from online stores is much cheaper. This is true for online jewelry stores as well. Since the jeweler saves money on rent and other expenses, the savings are directly reflected in the prices of their products.

3. Access to more options

By moving your primary research for an engagement ring online, you can browse through different designs. You will have a chance to scour through more options before deciding on the perfect one.

4. Exchanges are easy

People often consider online shopping complicated, but if you shop from a reputed online store with favorable return and exchange policies, the process is pretty straightforward.

5. Better decision making

When you visit a jewelry store, the sales staff will try to sell the items that make the store the most profit.

But, when buying an engagement ring online, you do not have to make any decision based on anyone’s persuasion. This way, you are free to choose the ring that appeals to you the most, without having anyone influence your decision.

Tips for shopping for an engagement ring online

1. Know the sizes

Rings sizes are reasonably easy to figure out. If you are planning to surprise your partner, take one of the rings they currently wear and match it with the sizes on a printed ring size chart. This way, you will be able to find the exact circumference.

2. Learn the quality indicators

There are minor details that dictate the quality of jewelry. You must at least gain basic knowledge about these quality indicators. Start with learning about diamond’s clarity marks such as S1, S2, and others.

In addition, learning the 4Cs of a gemstone will help you in making better decisions.

3. Always read the fine print

Pay careful attention to the seller’s policies and payment methods. Check the return period and how the ring will be posted to your address.

4. Only buy from a certified seller

You must always buy from a certified online store to ensure you receive genuine gemstones and precious metals. When you visit their website, check their certifications and accreditation in the ‘about us’ section.

If you are unsure about the online website you want to shop from, consider seeking advice and recommendations from your friends or family who have previously ordered jewelry from any online store.