Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area Female – Why Should You Do it?

Looking for the benefits of shaving pubic area females? Pubic hair trends have always changed throughout history. According to surveys, at present, most females do it regularly or have at least once shaved down there. But instead of jumping on the bandwagon, read the benefits of shaving pubic area in women below, and make an informed decision.

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area – 7 Reasons to Do it

While, MY LIFE, MY CHOICE is the new fashion motto (and rightly so), there are a few benefits of shaving the bush down there. But, whether you decide to do it or not, is entirely up to you.

  1. One Less Thing to Worry About
    You have to agree with me that maintenance requires time. And time is one thing everyone is short of these days. So why bother to spend time on washing, shampooing, and cleaning when you could simply shave it off. So let’s all save some time in the shower and use it being productive instead.
  2. Hair Traps Sweat
    This one is no secret. When there’s hair, there is sweat. Because hair follicles and sweat glands are mostly present in pairs in the human body.Sweat catches germs, and if not washed regularly, can lead to UTIs, rashes, and infections in and around your lady area.Putting it in simpler words, pubic hair is considered yucky for a reason, and now you know what.
  3. Minimal Stink
    The anatomy of the pubic area in females is such that disgusting odor can easily build up. The vaginal secretions, the natural skin folds, and an untamed bush can easily give rise to a stench. While you cannot do much about the former two. You can easily get rid of the latter.Because one thing is for sure.No one likes a smelly crotch.
  4. Culture Deems it Right
    Even when every motivational speaker is giving us hours-long-lectures on why we shouldn’t give in to social and cultural norms, many of us still like to live in our little boxes.And let me tell you this.On an issue as petty as this, it is perfectly okay if you decide to do what is considered NORMAL in your society.

    I mean, what’s the harm anyway!

  5. Smoother, Flawless Skin
    We do love to feel our freshly shaved, baby smooth legs, don’t we?So why deprive the bikini line of this joy? Shaving the under legs is a ticket to a smooth and attractive lady area and boy, do we want that!So do that, and your inner sexy goddess will thank you.
  6. Amp up Your Confidence
    You might not be a hundred percent confident to rock a swimsuit with those pesky little hairs peeking out. Or the same can be the case with leggings and other tight bottoms which may not fit as you want them to, because of all that hair.What do we suggest?Shave the trouble away!
  7. Better Intimate Times
    Skin contact is sexy.But what’s sexier?Contact with skin that is smooth and hairless.

    There have been statements that indicate that a bare private area could increase sensation and pleasure in some individuals. And if your partner is one that enjoys a clear lady area then here’s one more reason to do it.

How to Shave the Pubic Hair – A Complete Guide

If by now you are sold on the benefits of shaving down under, you must probably be wondering.

What are the ways to do it?

So here is our complete guide on the options available and methods to do it.

Hair Removal Techniques

Well, there are hundreds of techniques you could try. And while there is no one right way of doing it, you can choose one according to your ease and personal preference.

Here are some of the most popular ways people do it.

  • Waxing:
    Waxing does hurt a bit but it gets better with practice. Hot or cold is another one of the choices but all you have to do is apply a thin layer in the direction of hair growth, wait for a few seconds and pull. There are many waxing options available specially designed for the bikini area.
  • Razors:
    Conventional razors are the most commonly used tool. Just be sure to use them with precaution to avoid any cuts and injuries. Or you can also use ones that are made for this purpose and pose very little threat because of their design.
  • Electric shavers:
    These are one of the easiest methods to do it. You can choose from the many options available in the market. They are easy to use, time saver, safe, and painless.Just plug-in and trim.
  • Hair removal creams:
    There are many creams and sprays available that dissolve and shave your hair off chemically. Just pick one which is safe for use in vaginal premises. You may want to look for any sensitivity issues such as burning since these products use chemicals that may not suit everyone.

Tips and tricks

Here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind that will make your shaving experience more comfortable.

  • Soak for a while before shaving to let your skin and hair get soft.
  • Use an appropriate scrub to exfoliate to avoid any bumps.
  • Use a hand mirror for a better view.
  • Apply suitable shaving cream with moisturizers and calming agents such as aloe vera.
  • Hold the skin tight.
  • Use a toner to minimize sensitivity.
  • Moisturize when you are done.
  • Stop in case of any troubles and seek help.


Shaved pubes are considered to be hygienic, healthy, and attractive. While there is no concrete proof of whether or not you should do it, there are so many reasons for shaving pubic hair and even more ways to do it. So now that your reasons and methods are sorted, you can make up your mind without any worries.