Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil is almost everywhere around us as a rising trend to health. It doesn’t come as a surprise if you would suddenly be told that your furry friends like your cats or dogs can also benefit with CBD products. Similar to how some places have medical marijuana as an option for treatment towards seizures, pain and anxiety, CBD, a derivative from marijuana, can provide the same results without the stigma associated with marijuana. And for our furry companions, finding the right Dog CBD Orange County and using them as alternative options can be just what you need when a trip to the vet might be a bit too much for your wallet.

What Can CBD Help Against for Dogs?

CBD is often used by humans for medical treatment on a variety of conditions. They are primarily used to treat pains, seizures and in some cases, cancer. The same can be applied for dogs as the compound can be used for treatment and therapy for the following conditions:

Pain and Discomfort

CBD is anti-inflammatory, making it a potent option to relieve back pain and other muscle pain your dog might be suffering from. It can also be used as relief for any sprains they might’ve got and not make limping hurt as much as it is when they are forced to walk and potentially feel the pain because of a leg injury.


In relation to the previous entry, CBD can be used to treat arthritis in dogs which is a common condition they can get afflicted with. It can relieve the pain they feel when walking around and only have to be administered twice a day making the oil last a long time without a constant need to stock restock.


A dog can get pretty anxious in different times. They can become anxious when they’re not around their owners or generally feel unsafe. Because of CBD’s relaxant properties, it can help the dog calm down and is usually used as a direct treatment to it. It is also very effective in treating anxiety as the effects are almost immediate.

Benefits of CBD

Cheap and Budget-Friendly

A small bottle of CBD doesn’t cost as much if you have to compare and consider any trips to vet you have to make. It can be used as home treatment to several problems and conditions your pet might be experiencing. It also has a long shelf life of 2 years from the manufacturing date as long as it is stored properly (outside direct light, excessive heat and etc).

It’s a safe natural option

As the main component of CBD is derived from a plant, this makes the product safer when compared to different chemicals and compounds available in the market. It should be noted that the CBD compound is not derived from the marijuana plant but from hemp, which is a cousin to the plant, which is why it has the same effects but without the bad side effects associated with marijuana. It doesn’t contain any THC which is responsible for the “high” feeling associated with marijuana.

Cons of CBD

As with all things that are good, there are also some bad behind it. However, the consequences of CBD are mostly associated with overdosing and giving wrong dosages, an example of such is diarrhea. It is our responsibility as pet owners to be aware of these things and to properly regulate our pet’s intake.

The following side effects can happen if you happen to be careless:

Dry Mouth

It is quite known that CBD can decrease the production of saliva. For dogs it makes them thirstier. Be sure to keep them sufficiently hydrated throughout the day, especially if it is hot outside.


Because of the compound’s relaxing property, if given too much it can cause a case of sleepiness and fatigue due to the calming effect. It can lead the pet to become less active which can be harmful to their wellbeing.

Drop in Blood Pressure

This only happens in large doses. In high doses, it can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure, although it is in actuality only a small drop. However, this can lead to light-headiness that might cause your dog to vomit or feel nauseous