Bedsheets: things to know

Comfortable bed sheets are a necessity for a good night’s sleep. There are different types of clothes used in the bedroom like sheet sets, quilt covers, flat and fitted covers, bed skirts and valance and many more. However, buying them is not as easy as it seems because it has a lot of influence on their comfort.

This article will talk about the things to look out for while dressing in bed.

1. Know about the type of Weave

Even though the weave of any fabric is not taken very seriously, it is a very significant factor. It may not be seen to the naked eye, but weaves can be woven in a certain way, which affects the softness, longevity, appearance and even the price of the sheets. For instance, the percale sheets are very light and crisp, with the ability to hold them underneath.

The weave refers to the way the fabric has been woven together and will affect how comfortable your bedsheets feel against your skin. There are four main weaves – plain, percale, twill and satin – each of which have different levels of breathability and thickness. 

Plain weave is lightweight and airy making it suitable for hot, humid climates, whereas twill weave is thick, warm and soft but can be less breathable than other mattress fabrics. Cotton or polyester-blend sheets with a percale weave provide excellent breathability as well as durability, while satin has a luxuriously smooth texture making it ideal for those who love silky fabrics.

2. Cotton Fabric can make a difference

Out of all the fabrics available in the market, cotton sheets can make a huge difference. They are very natural, which make them easy to wash and also very breathable. There are different types of cotton fabrics like the Supima, Pima and the Egyptian, which are very long and soft cotton. The long fibres of this cotton do not pill the fabric, and it can feel very soft. However, pure cotton sheets or sheet sets can be costly for some.

Cotton fabrics come in a wide variety of weights and treatments, each with a unique effect on comfort and durability. Depending on personal preference, one may opt for lightweight sheets that are soft, cooling, and breathable or heavier fabrics that offer greater insulation, strength and absorbency. 

Understanding the differences between cotton fabrics can help you get the perfect set for your bedroom. For instance, people with sensitivities to certain fabrics can benefit from knowing about the different varieties of cotton bedding options available today.

Many people consider polycotton or linen to be affordable, and polycotton makes fewer wrinkles. Moreover, they are also lightweight and easy to breathe.  You can also consider bamboo sheets as well.

3. The finish is important

Organic cotton sheets sometimes come with the specific feature of a “pure finish”. It means that they are free from any kinds of chemicals. Sheets are indeed treated with chemicals to make them stay in shape or not wrinkle. However, in both cases, the consumer decides to choose between them. It is their own choice.

Different materials and weaves come with their own advantages and drawbacks, but no matter what you choose, opting for a high-quality finish is imperative. A good finish prevents any wear or fading over time and also helps keep fabric from deteriorating too soon. It can also create a much softer feel and allure to the look that’s sure to elevate the sleeping experience.

Therefore, before buying the sheets, feel them in person and understand their nature and fabric before finalising the decision.

4. Look out for the manufacturer

The quality of a bedsheet can be very evident. Always buy the bedsheets, pillow cover or anything related to it, from the best of the manufacturer. It is a fabric that the body would be in contact with for a long time. Also, look at the price, which can guide the spectrum of your buying options.

Higher-end brands use better quality materials and have longer lasting products. You may also find that some specialty manufacturers produce higher grades of bedsheets with superior comfort or even hypoallergenic qualities. 

At the same time, branded sheets tend to come with a guarantee. This can be extremely important as it protects you from any defects in craftsmanship or fabric quality that may occur over time.

5. Know the impact

As it is very clear, chemicals have a tremendous negative impact on the environment. So the use of chemicals on bedsheets also harms the environment. However, some chemicals are used to prolong the lifespan of bed sheets, leading to an 87 per cent decrease in the impact on the environment. It is also to be noted that cotton is an inductive water fabric that takes a lot of water to be manufactured.

Depending on what type of material you use, you could be contributing to unethical labor practices, over-harvesting of natural resources, and heavy carbon footprints. Natural fibers like organic cotton and linen usually have the lowest environmental impact compared to manufactured materials like polyester and synthetic blends.

Studies say that it is good to choose bed sheets that are very lightly dyed along with cotton-polyester blends. In this way, their shelf life can be prolonged. This should be an easy choice for those who prioritise the environment.

6. Thread count is not everything

When shopping for bedsheets, thread count isn’t the only thing you should be looking for. It’s important to also consider the type of fibers used and how the fabric feels against your skin. For example, a higher thread count in polyester sheets tends to not be as soft and luxurious compared to a lower thread count combined with long-staple cotton fibers.

Thread count doesn’t tell the whole story; in fact, many experts recommend choosing sheets with a lower thread count if you’re looking for comfort and breathability. A fabric’s weave is also important; it affects not only how comfortable the bedsheets feel, but also their durability and ability to stay pressed.

7. Not all bedsheets fit your mattress perfectly

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the ‘standard size’ bedsheet will fit your mattress – dimensions can vary depending on the manufacturer. In order to get the perfect fit, it’s important to know exactly what size you need, and which brand will provide it. 

Alternatively, another great way to make sure you’re covered is to invest in adjustable bedsheets which come with internal elastic bands allowing you to customize them for a snug match.

8. Check the return policy

It’s important to know exactly what you can and cannot do with a product before making your purchase. If, for example, the store had a no-return policy on their bedding items, you would be unable to make a return if something went wrong with the bedsheet. Knowing these details ahead of time can save you time, money, and a lot of hassle.

While buying things for the bedroom, certain things to go for like the wrinkle-free sheets, or even certain things to consider buying. For example, it can include a mattress topper of extra deep sheets to give height to the mattress. Washing the sheets is also important for it to remain neat and clean.


Author:  Alison Lurie