Bedroom Ideas To Make The Room More Inviting

Whatever your current position in life, you’d want to find refuge in the comfort of your room after a long and tiring day. Many factors will make your bedroom the area you want to be in or the mess you wish to stay away from.

Designing your room is such an arduous yet worthwhile task. You need to choose your room’s theme carefully if you want it to be appealing. The choice of paint colors, fixtures, carpet, bedding and linen depends on your theme.

If you’re planning on redesigning your room or you’re in the process of moving to a new place, below are some bedroom ideas you may want to consider:

1. Reconsider the bedroom paint color

The paint color of your room sets the overall tone. It’s like a canvas where you start your designing from. Also, it must allow you to relax and even help you doze off to sleep. Avoid colors with too much glare.

Below are some color schemes you may want to check on:

  • Light blue and white – the combination of these two gives your room that light and clean look.
  • Brown and navy – if you want to convey that aura of maturity then this is for you.
  • Grey and playful yellow – since grey is a neutral color, the touch of yellow on it elevates the mode of your room.

There’s still many color schemes to choose from. Do some research and find the complementary color of your favorite one.

2. A minimalistic approach to your pieces of furniture

Select pieces of furniture for its decorative value and at the same time for its functionality. Don’t just put any piece in your room because it’s beautiful to look at. For instance, a classic box has its artistic value at the same time you can use it for storage too. Spring cleaning your home can also help to bring a clean and organised effect.

3. Your bedding plays the part

Choose linens which color complements your room’s color. You can find ones that offer printed images, beautiful designs, or just relaxing colors. Also consider your thread count as well. The sheets with the thread count between 200-800 are good options. If you don’t have the luxury of time to check these items out at a physical store, online stores like come in handy.

4. Add some DIY pieces in your room

Artwork made by you. How inviting could it get? Make sure to summon those creative juices and create your masterpiece that’ll be displayed in your room. Some suggestions could be:

  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Crafty collages

If you need help, there are many online tutorials available.

5. Bring that headboard to a cozy level

There may be a need to redesign your headboard for it to look more inviting though generally it already has that comfy-look impression. Its presence already entails rest, but still, it can be elevated to make a beautiful piece in your room. Some ways you can do this are:

  • You can pick some fabrics and create a mosaic of the pieces.
  • An old yet classy divider may be converted as a headboard.
  • Stitch different pillows and stick them on the wall to be your headboard.

7. Accent your room with ceiling beams

Surely you have moments where you stare at your ceiling. Do you like what you see or is it just a plain boring sight? If that’s so, ceiling beams with color that perfectly complements the pieces on the floor can lift that boring feel.

8. Create for yourself a reading nook

Instead of just putting a table for your study space, set an area in your room for a reading nook. Its presence adds that edge on your room if you can afford to put it where there’s a window. Some ways you can do this include:

  • Put a barrier between your whole room and your reading nook, it may be a divider or a piece of fabric.
  • Utilize a huge pillow and put it somewhere farther from your bed to set the distinction.
  • Set up a canopy in a corner.


There are many more bedroom ideas you can check out to improve the look of your room. You may start from the ideas mentioned so you can evaluate which ones you want to improve in your place.