Bariatric Surgery Abroad – Gastric Band Poland

Nowadays, more and more people struggle with obesity and overweight caused by consuming too many calories, leading a sedentary lifestyle or different medical conditions. It is no wonder that people dream of a perfect body and resort to various methods and remedies for losing weight such as increased physical activity, strict diets or even weight loss drugs. Sometimes however, the healthy diet and exercise are simply not enough, especially when overweight develops into obesity, which is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight and body fat that might severely affect their health. I such situations, the only method of reducing excess weight and achieving the desired long-term weight reduction effects is to undergo a bariatric surgery. The most important thing any person thinking about a bariatric surgery should decide on is finding the best bariatric procedure available such as gastric band Poland.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is a procedure that helps you lose weight thanks to the changes introduced to the digestive system. It often involves changing the size of the stomach to limit how much you can eat and drink at one time, so you feel full after eating a small meal. Some procedures involve reducing the length of the intestines to decrease the number of calories the body can absorb. Bariatric surgery has proved to be the best option for people who get annoyed by the need to constantly be on strict diet and keep an eye on the increased physical activity for most of their lives as well as for those who are constantly fighting with the feeling of hunger. Weight loss surgery is not only a remedy for achieving better looks and self-esteem, but it can also help you to lead a healthier life. The level of obesity health risks can be reduced or even eliminated by losing weight through bariatric surgery, for example a long-term remission of type 2 diabetes.

Why Should I Choose Gastric Band Procedure?

Gastric band is one of the most popular types of bariatric surgeries. Other popular weight loss procedures include gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric balloon. During each of the procedures, the size of the stomach is reduced using stapling and sewing techniques or placing a saline-filled silicone balloon into the stomach pouch. In the case of gastric band procedure, a silicone band is used to divide the stomach into two parts, the small stomach pouch at the top and the larger pouch below. Then, a tube is attached to the band which allows to connect it to a port under the abdomen skin, which is not visible from the outside. The port is used to inject a saline solution in order to inflate the band. The food eaten is stored in the upper small stomach pouch and the patient feels full after a small meal. Then the food is gradually moved to the lower part of the stomach where the normal digestion process begins. The band compressed around the stomach can be tightened to increase the weight loss process or loosened to slow it down.

One of the advantages of this weight loss method is that the surgery takes approximately 60 minutes and the patient can return home the same or the next day. Moreover, a band made of silicone allows for the procedure to be conducted using the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB), which means that the traditional open surgery is no longer needed.

Gastric Band procedure is an effective method of losing weight, but the long-lasting results depend on many factors, mainly on how well the patients control their eating habits. The re-shaped stomach can store a smaller amount of food, but the quantity is not the only thing that matters – patients should also remember about keeping a healthy diet and avoid sugary and fatty unhealthy food. Unlike the other weight loss surgeries, the digestion process is not altered, there is no risk of malabsorption, so the body absorbs all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Gastric Band in Poland

It is possible to have gastric band surgery refunded by the NHS (National Health System), but the waiting lists are usually very long. That is why, people who want to undergo any type bariatric surgery in the UK or other western countries are often faced with a tough choice – pay more and choose surgery in a private clinic in their home country or look for cheaper alternatives abroad. It is not surprising that more and more people decide to become “medical tourists” and look for top-quality and affordable medical treatment abroad. In the recent years, the main medical tourism destinations are countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Why is it worth to choose gastric band Poland? The answer is very simple. In Poland, you may find modern clinics with top-quality equipment and experienced bariatric surgeons. The average cost of gastric band in the UK is 10 000 GBP whereas Polish clinics offer this procedure for approximately 4200 GBP. Even if some further medical tourism costs (e.g. flight, accommodation) need to be added to this price, the overall cost of undergoing gastric band surgery in Poland is still very low.

Poland has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations thanks to the great number of direct flights from the majority of big European and American airports, top quality clinics and a number of accredited medical agencies which help to find the best all-inclusive treatment packages. Most clinics run their websites in English, the medical staff speak English and other foreign languages to make the communication easier. It is also possible to schedule an online consultation with a bariatric surgeon to discuss all the aspects of the procedure.

What is more, Poland is famous for its rich history, traditional cuisine, beautiful nature and plenty of famous landmarks and tourist attractions. The clinics are usually situated near the biggest Polish cities such as Cracow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk.

A decision to become a medical tourist is a great opportunity to take care of your health and spend some time sightseeing at the same time.