Baby Bottles – Glass v/s Plastic

The world of babies is one of the most amusing and wonderful things. Understanding and cohabitation with a newborn can be quite a task and be extremely complicated in the first few days if a new parent venture into it is unprepared.

But thankfully, there is so much knowledge and material on the internet and in the world currently, that can help prepare new parents for the arrival of their bundle of joy and prepare for handling the infant ahead of them.

The market is full of products to help new parents such as newborn baby feeding bottles, pacifiers, diapers, baby care products, baby clothing products, baby furnishing products, etc. All of these things are aimed at making the baby more and more comfortable at home and to help the baby adapt to the new setting outside of the womb much faster.

Baby Essentials to Stock

Although it is completely up to the parents on how they want to prepare for the arrival of the baby, it is wiser to create a list of baby care products and baby accessories that the infant would require in the first few weeks of his arrival in the world. Some parents like to stock up well ahead of time and some parents believe in taking it as it comes.

Newborn baby feeding bottles are one of the most essential items when it comes to the feeding of the baby. Mothers who chose to formula feed their babies are not the only ones who benefit from baby bottles. The traditional practice of breastfeeding has also been modernized to give the new mothers some convenience especially when she is not around.

Breast pumps can help the mother get some rest while others take care of the baby’s feeding time. In both scenarios, a feeding bottle is especially great as it emulates the suckling function and shape of the breast and nipples and provides milk in a gradual manner.

When it comes to feeding bottles, they come in 3 to 4 types but essentially of two basic materials:

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are the new age solution to disposable bottles that work for a few weeks and can easily be replaced – unlike their costlier version, the glass bottles. Plastic bottles are easy to use, safe, and even easy to handle in the middle of the night without the fear of breaking them.

They can be washed and sterilized and used for a few weeks before getting a new pair. The only downside to them is the fact that some plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals called BPA  which is proven to be harmful to infants.

Although this chemical has been banned, parents must ensure their bottles are safety tested and BPA Free. They also should not be cleaned in hot water as they may release some of their plastics into the contents. They can be sterilized but not to a great extent.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are the best alternatives or even the original bottles that were used in the traditional era by parents. They are extremely safe, easy to use, easy to clean, have no chemicals in them, and can be sterilized at high temperatures as well to ensure complete sanitization.

New age glass bottles also can be stored in refrigerators so as to store breast milk for longer periods of time. The only downside to glass bottles is their breakability. Babies may push the bottles off or one of the parents may drop the bottles and cause them to break.