Are There Non-Surgical Ways To Increase Breast Size?

For years people have opted to have their breast size increased. Is it a self-conscious thing? An imperfection issue? Maybe the person doesn’t see themselves the same way that the world sees them.

A ‘breast implant’ is a prosthetic operation which focuses on changing the size, shape and contour of a person’s breasts.

Since 1962, those who have gone down the road of trying to increase their breast size have needed to speak with specialist doctors and plastic surgeons to make their own personal and physical dreams come true.

What Are The Typical Or Traditional Ways Of Increasing The Breast Size

Operation by a plastic surgeon. This is probably the most common route that people take when getting larger breasts. You go in for an appointment or consultation, explaining what it is you are aiming for. An assessment is done and a specialist lays out all the options and will most likely provide a quote for the service.

However, this type of operation can come with some risks and downfalls:

  • You may end up spending a large amount of money and not be 100% content with the way you look
  • You will most likely need to have them redone and reshaped down the line, leading to more costs and an increase in financial outlays
  • The procedure involves anesthetics and a recovery period where you may experience negative things such as nausea, sickness, tiredness and general pain or soreness

However, the guys over at show us there are many natural ways to try and increase breast size without having to see a plastic surgeon or fork out the money for an operation.

So What Are The Non-surgical Ways To Increase Breast Size?

  • When it comes to your everyday eating routine and habits, begin by trying to add foods which are rich in estrogen. This is the primary hormone that directly influences the size of breast development during puberty. Some examples of foods high in estrogen include green beans, nuts, seeds, wheat berries, rice, apples, broccoli and spinach
  • Regular breast massages have been shown to naturally increase breast size. Not only is it 100% natural, but can be done from the comfort of your own home without having to see a specialist. Try using some massage oils such as flaxseed, olive or fennel oils
  • Some physical exercises in line with your workout routine can also achieve this goal. Try things like wall presses, chest presses and push-ups to increase the muscles in the back, shoulder and pectoral areas
  • Certain creams can be applied to the breasts which activates the production of fat in the area and can assist in tightening up the muscles
  • There are also many supplements available that claim to help in increasing the breast size through taking them. Their main aim is to ensure you have enough estrogen and progesterone – the only natural hormones that are known to increase breast size
  • People have been using yoga for years to try and improve breast size. Using the Ustrasana or Dwikonasan methods are common methods to incorporate into your routine

Try out the ones which you feel most comfortable with or fit into your current routine, and track the results effectively.

What Are The Desired Outcomes By Trying To Increase The Breast Size?

Constantly people are trying to build a better vision of how they see themselves. We are all aspiring to be attractive and happy in our own skin. If you’re in a rut or not entirely convinced you like what you see in the mirror, then you deserve the chance to change it.

  • An increase in confidence linked to physicality can so often filter into other areas of our lives. You may find you walk with your head held high, begin performing better at work and approach tasks or challenges in an improved manner
  • The link between our physical and mental states cannot be overstated. An improvement in general mental health can arise from being subconsciously more satisfied with how we look and feel
  • An increase in general strength is always a positive. Going about your daily life being fitter and stronger will help you perform to the best of your ability
  • Self perception is so important and if you like what you see when you step out the shower, then you’ve already won!

What Are The Desired Outcomes By Trying To Increase The Breast Size

So if you’re hoping to increase your breast size, there are plenty of non-surgical avenues you can explore before even considering the prospect of an operation. Go through each one and try recording how you felt and the differences you noticed, and stick with the ones which seem to work best.