Are Hoverboards Safe For Kids?

Hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially for kids.

They provide lots of fun for kids. However, parents are worried and wondering if they are safe toys for their children.

Today’s hoverboards are fully equipped,hand-free electric scooters that can take riders to school or anywhere else.

If you plan to buy a hoverboard for your kid, it is essential to know its safety precautions and features to ensure it is safe.

This article will discuss the safety and risks of hoverboards and top recommendations for beginner hoverboards.

How Safe are Hoverboards for Kids?

Hoverboards were designed for kids to enjoy. First, however, you have to make sure your kid is wearing all the necessary safety equipment when riding.

Most of the time, children under 13 years old are not allowed to ride hoverboards as they are reckless and immature, and their judgment and decision-making skills are not yet fully developed. It is safer not to allow them to drive a board that can reach a speed of up to 15 mph.

While riding a hoverboard, children must wear protective gear, such as wrist guards and a helmet. Parents should enforce a “no helmet, no riding” policy for their kids when using a hoverboard.

Risks of Hoverboard for Kids

Several people died using hoverboards, either from an accident or a fire while charging the board. Forearms, wrists, and heads were the children’s most commonly injured body parts.

The most common types of accidents in children are fractures and bruising. Other severe injuries reported are brain damage and broken bones.

Allowing children to use hoverboards can cause skin harm. It may not be a life-threatening condition, but it is inevitable. Therefore, it is essential to constantly take precautions to keep your children safe and avoid risk.

When your child gets open wounds or bruises while using the board, keep your hands off of them even if they do not look to be serious harm. This is to avoid hurting your children.

Safe Hoverboards for Kids and Beginners

As a parent, it is vital to ensure the safety of your children. Therefore, when choosing a hoverboard, you must consider several factors, such as safety, durability, and price.

And because there are lots of hoverboards for kids and beginners in the market, we will guide you in choosing the best one.

TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard

If your main concern when buying a hoverboard for your kid is safety, Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard is the best option. It is one of the top-selling hoverboards for kids available on the market.

This hoverboard is specially designed with the safety of beginner riders in mind. It is also UL2272 certified, which is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets kids’ safety standards.

Kids can use this hoverboard for long hours to resist high temperatures and fire. One great thing about this hoverboard is the self-balancing feature that makes it easy for beginners to learn how to ride it.

This feature also removes one significant safety concern for parents.

In addition, there is an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows your kid to listen to music while riding by setting up a connection with a phone through Bluetooth. It also has flashing LED lights, making this hoverboard more attractive and enjoyable.

Gyroor All-Terrain Off-Road Warrior Hoverboard

If you are looking for a versatile hoverboard for your teen child, then this hoverboard is an excellent choice. Gyroor All-Terrain Warrior Hoverboard is designed to resist the beating of beginners.

It is one of the most impressive off-road hoverboards available due to its combination of unique design and a strong structure. Also, it has massive shock absorbent solid rubber tires that are ideal for any surface.

Furthermore, this hoverboard is UL2272 certified, which is safe against all fire safety issues. Your child can also listen to their favorite music while riding, as it comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It looks even more incredible because of the colorful, flashing lights that your kid may set using a smart app.

Aside from changing its colors, the Smart App allows your kid to change mode, adjust riding speed, set the anti-theft alarm, check track, and more.

Hoverboard Electric Scooter

This hoverboard is one of the best electric hoverboards in the market due to its durability, speed, and distance capacity.

H1 Hoverboard Electric scooter also comes with stunning colors and fun lights that kids would love to show off. Compared to Tomoloo Hoverboard, it has better control, battery life, and overall quality.

Your kid can enjoy a long, enjoyable, fun ride with this hoverboard as it utilizes a built-in high-quality lithium-ion battery that can last a long time and fast charging.

Is it Safe for Kids to Ride a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are one of the kids’ favorite devices nowadays. They can enjoy the fun ride and go wherever they want to go.

However, you have to make sure that they are safe and won’t hurt themselves. Therefore, parents should consider various factors when purchasing a hoverboard to ensure the safety of their children.