Are Free Parental Control Apps Worth It?

In an ideal world, the Internet would be a safe place for all. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If the last year has told us anything, it’s that exposure to misinformation or repulsive content can warp the minds of individuals, leading them down a dark path. That’s why parental control apps are so valuable and needed in today’s age.

What are parental control apps, and is it worth investing in them? Let’s take a look and answer these two important questions.

What is a Parental Control App?

Parental control apps are used to protect children and pre-teens against exposure to harmful or mind-altering content. It restricts their actions (either by blocking apps or websites or limiting their time), ensuring they do not fall prey to unwanted entities that exploit their innocence.

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Furthermore, it provides parents with full scope and view of what their children see and watch and with who.

Most importantly, it gives parents the peace of mind that their children are safe while on the Internet.

Key Benefits of Parental Control Apps

Protect Your Children’s Exposure – The Internet is a great place for adventure, information and learning. But it’s also a place that is littered with misinformation, adult-themed content and brain-washing tricks that can harm your children’s development, exposing them to unfiltered and dangerous things. You can’t put a price on protecting your children, and a parental control app can prove useful in that regard.

Focus on Time-Management & Usage – For many parents, their children are exposed to too much technology and screen time. It impacts their development and social skills, isolating themselves or struggling to communicate with children as they grow older. That is why many of these parental control apps offer schedule times and usage, ensuring that your children only use their devices for a specific amount of time. You can enter the start and end times for the phone in general or only for particular apps, like Facebook or Instagram.

Track Their Activities & Location – While for many people, this might be a breach of privacy, for adults with young children or pre-teens, tracking what they do online is crucial as you can protect their exposure to adult-themed content. You can keep an eye on what they’re viewing, for how long and how they got there. Even some specific apps also offer GPS tracking that can locate and follow where your children are. This can prove useful to ensure they’re located in safe areas and can reach you when needed.

Promote Educational Apps – Why let your children waste their time on Facebook or YouTube when they can promote their brain activity or education? By blocking out specific apps or limiting their screen time, you can focus your children on devoting more time to educational apps. You can even make them reach specific targets (like a certain number of hours on an educational app) and reward them with some fun time on social media. The idea here is that you allow your children to not completely ignore their education and development.

So, Are Parental Control Apps Worth It?

Definitely! Considering the value they bring and how they protect your children, it’s definitely smart to invest in parental control apps for both phones, tablets and computers.

In terms of pricing, parental control apps are surprisingly cheap, considering their value to parents. You can find subscription-based services that allow for multiple device connections and usage, ensuring that your children are protected at all times with you keeping an eye on them.

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