An Overview of Dermatology Treatments in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the home to over six million people and has many spectacular attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Tower, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Remarkably, the famous Sin City is also a home to thousands of reputable skin clinics that ensure residents have the healthiest skin in Australia.

There are scores of dermatology skin treatments in Sydney that residents regularly book appointments for. Dermatologists form an indispensable part of the essential healthcare services in Sydney, which is among the most critical and prominent industries in the city.

Browse through the information below to know more about what dermatology treatments entail in this fantastic Australian city.

Standard Treatments

While summertime from December to February is relatively pleasant in Sydney, the humidity levels can spike up to 65%. Exposure to the harsh sun in such conditions can cause severe sunburns and lead to blisters, sores, or other painful conditions.

Sydney skin specialists treat residents with sunburns every day, ensuring the affected areas are made pain-free and back-to-normal. They also provide laser resurfacing treatments for various issues such as pigmentation (common in Australia), wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity.

Scar removal is another typical skin treatment in Sydney, with a significant number of locals of all possible ages walking in to have unsightly marks removed from their skin. Local doctors use state-of-the-art technology to ensure people are comfortable throughout the procedure and see results in minimal time.

Skin Cancer Screening

Many Australians suffer from skin cancer, and several more are at perpetual risk of the disease, primarily due to the region’s hot and arid climatic conditions. Also, locals with a family history of the disease are at higher risk and require more than a couple of dermatologist visits each year. Melanomas are the most dangerous kind, requiring prompt and effective treatment.

Local dermatologists in the city are adept at screening for various skin cancers and prescribing the appropriate treatment for each. They commonly use cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy, flap repair, curette and cautery, and surgery to treat skin cancer. But the ideal way to beat the dreaded disease is to ensure quick and proper diagnosis.

Therefore, several health-conscious Sydney residents book regular appointments at skin-care clinics across the city to check for cancer and other abnormalities. Locals at risk are advised to keep an eye out for unusual moles, sudden discolouration, uncommon patches on the skin, lesions, nodules, and similar signs on their skin.

Average Cost

The cost of dermatology skin treatments in Sydney varies from one individual to another, depending on the procedure in question, the number of visits, the clinic, and other critical factors. However, initial consultation may cost you approximately a little over $260 on average, with subsequent visits costing around $170 or so. Note that these costs are rough estimates, and the actual price will vary depending on the factors aforementioned.

Another critical thing to note is that Medicare can cover skin treatments in Sydney and other parts of Australia, depending on the clinic and type of procedure. But to use it, you may need a referral from your GP, and it must be listed on the MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule). Otherwise, residents do not require a referral to see a dermatologist in Sydney.