All about Installing Counter Sneeze Guard for your office counter

At a time when nothing makes sense and everything seems like a blurry haze, there is a need for some protection. At least some protection against a virus that is gnawing at the masses like a sprawling giant. And even though it is scary, it is a reality that must not be shunned just because it has not reached you yet. For this reason, a glass sneeze guard can come to your ultimate rescue. It can save you from unwanted germs and the impending doom of catching a virus from others around you. Keep reading if you want to know more about this!

The Requirements for a countertop glass sneeze guard

All about Installing Counter Sneeze Guard for your office counter

Ideally, the height of a countertop should be tall enough to add a tangible separator between the workers/salesmen and the customers. It is equally important to note whether the salespersons operate by standing or simply by sitting on their seats. The average height of a seated individual ranges from 42 inches to 54 inches. Yikes! And on the contrary, the average height of a standing individual is between 5ft to 6ft. And believe us, most desks are around 30 inches in height. However, reception desks can be between 30 inches to 42 inches. Now, a sneeze guard must be installed between 24-36 inches for the utmost safety and effectiveness. Any height below could mean that your sneeze guard is not giving you the ultimate protection it was sought for.

You can do this!

It might seem like a tedious task, but trust us, it is easy to install. Doctors, pharmacists, businesses, hotels and so many more sectors operate on desks. Installing one sneeze guard is no big deal, right? At a time like this, anything that provides you protection is worth investing in!

Why invest in one?

Why invest in one

Now you must be thinking about the need for a countertop glass sneeze guard. See, the world works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you do not realize the importance of a blessing until it is no more. Nowadays, most of us human beings miss the simple joy of going to work and fetching some income for household expenditures. But what do you do at a time when the world is a dark abyss and you must protect yourself from a dangerous virus yet also must earn something for the house? Otherwise, things will be twice as worse as one could have imagined! So, at times like these you install this!

Glass sneeze guard is a low-cost and highly effective measure to protect yourselves and others from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is high time that people realize the importance of social distancing and adopt every measure to ensure its completion. Because if people continue to turn a blind eye, this could prolong. So, get sneeze guards installed at your offices soon if you are feeling sick by the thought of a prolonged virus attack!

Size and Dimension that will ensure protection against new COVID-19 pandemic

Size and Dimension that will ensure protection against new COVID-19 pandemic

A sneeze guard is basically a glass protector in a holder. The holder keeps it steady and sturdy. This holder also has a 1/8 inches thick acrylic panel with a crevice-like feature that enables papers, documents, keys, and other important stuff to pass through. This hole can range from 8 inches to 16 inches wide! The two panels that hold the sneeze guard are usually 24-26 inches tall and their base-length varies from 12-16 inches. The best way is to measure the space available at the desk of your office and order your sneeze guard accordingly. The 6mm clear, tempered glass for a sneeze guard is all you need!

Where to buy quality freestanding glass sneeze guards?

Where to buy quality freestanding glass sneeze guards

If you are seeking the top site for acquiring your sneeze guard, fret not, because Fab Glass and Mirror is here to rescue you. During coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown, many small-scale shops and businesses have stopped operating. Finding yourselves a rock-solid sneeze guard has become more difficult than ever. However, Fab Glass and Mirror can provide you with the glass sneeze guard you want. Simply measure the dimensions required for your office area, visit the online webpage and order!

With a delivery time as efficient as their claim, this is an offer you must not miss out on. You will also see various options to choose the panel color that matches the interior of your office. Whether you want a black, grey, or tan hardware, they have something to offer everyone! And guess what? This company also provides you with the best quality of sneeze guard.

So, do not worry and order yours now! After all, this is a necessity of time. A sneeze guard will fit perfectly in your office environment and will rescue you from the dangers of social interaction in COVID-19 days.