Advantages of laminate vs hardwood flooring

No matter what your home décor style is, the flooring will always remain its foundation. It is often the first design element with which your visitors interact. Luckily homeowners today have a good choice. Out of this vast array of options, hardwood and laminate floorings have a clear preference.

Let us accept it that while discussing the advantages of laminate vs hardwood flooring, everyone’s vote goes to the wooden ones. However, with all the plus points of wood, laminate flooring has its merits too. Sufficient enough for you to consider it for your home.

The general misconception is that if the budget is not a constraint, go for hardwoods; else laminates will suit the best. Let us take it beyond and discover about the two with a side by side comparison. Meanwhile, contact this reputable shop if you need high-quality Laminate Flooring Underlay.


Out of these two flooring types, your choice should majorly depend on the typical location where it will be used. For high footfall areas like bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and maybe kitchens, laminates fit in well. You can avoid wet areas like bathrooms. However, it is still better than hardwood flooring. If it is a kitchen, use it with precaution.

For wooden flooring, never go for the below-grade, and your residential rooms will gleam with these.

Tolerance to heat and water

Both of these differ, when it comes to water and heat resistance. Hardwood is best avoided in water prone areas; therefore, kitchens and bathrooms are ruled out. Similarly, do not install wood flooring overheating systems as the wood might shrink, and the joints get weak.

While laminates are water and stain-resistant, here again as the water seeps into the planks, the flooring can swell and chip. Avoid in wet areas, although this flooring is perfect with heating systems due to high resistance.

Durability and care

We will often argue on these two aspects of the flooring. When it comes to durability, hardwood needs a refinishing every ten years or so. It is also dependent on the traffic and use of the residents. On the contrary, a good quality laminate lasts 20 years or more if properly installed. Just an occasional cleaning and it is okay.

Both the flooring types require a similar level of maintenance. Sweeping, cleaning and occasional vacuuming are enough. However, if you spill anything on hardwoods, the damage is permanent. Moreover, the scratches are hard to manage and hide on wooden floors in comparison to laminates. If you want to avoid these problems in your flooring, you better choose the high-quality and most trusted grey vinyl flooring.

Value addition to your property

With regular care and maintenance, including refinishing, hardwood floors can well last for 100 years or more. But, with laminate floors, by the time it reaches 15 years, you get the feel to replace it due to the faded appearance. For longevity, solid hardwood flooring outruns almost all other options.

Moreover, right from day one, hardwood flooring adds to your real estate valuation. The real estate market considers it a premium flooring material. Laminates, on the other hand, are certainly better than say a carpet or vinyl flooring, however, add no significant financial value to your home.

Take good care of your wooden flooring, as the real estate agents and buyers will put a premium on your home.  Its important to hire the right company as well like this flooring murfreesboro TN option.


Hardwood flooring installation is not for DIYers, and not even for non-professionals. Special tools and expertise are needed to get a perfect finish to the flooring. Whereas laminates are quick and easy. Even you can also give it a try. When it comes to installation, laminate flooring has a clear advantage.

Final Words

The feel, the look and the longevity of hardwood flooring, make the higher costs worth it. It also offers you scope for creativity and customization. Laminates have their own benefits and ideally suited for homes with pets and children. It is economical, easy to install and gives you no worries of scratches or wearing down.