Activities Your Family Can Do at Home During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Are members of your family bored indoors? Here are some fun activities your family can do at home during the COVID-19 quarantine.

With an entire family stuck inside until further notice due to the COVID-19 quarantine, it’s only a matter of time before children begin to go stir crazy! Our little ones are used to having lots of free time to run around and play outdoors. Schools, afterschool programs, and daycares all know how important it is for children to engage in outdoor play and ensure they get their time every day.

Now that this time has been taking away from them, their energy builds throughout the day and when it’s time for bedtime, they’re simply not ready. They need activities to help keep them busy and to help burn some of that energy. The same goes for you as well.

Parents, too, are having a hard time adjusting to being stuck indoors. Adults need their exercise and outdoor time as well. Time spent outdoors is not only good for physical exercise, but it’s good for the mental state as well.

With the outdoors taken away for the moment, we need to find indoor activities to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Continue reading below to find out more!

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great form of exercise and meditation. It can also be done inside or outside and just about anywhere. If you’re not currently into yoga, now is the perfect time to start.

Everyone in the family can practice yoga as there are many levels, and beginners are welcome! Head online and find a few videos to watch to help get you started. There are yoga classes posted online for free that you can access and join in at home.

You’ll be surprised at how willing the children are to come and try out some fun yoga poses with you! There are lots of challenging yoga poses for children who need more of a challenge. Yoga is also great for breathing exercises, which is ideal to keep your respiratory tract healthy during this time.

Grab some yoga mats or find a comfortable spot on the rug or carpet to begin!  Also be sure to check out options for Virtual yoga from home as well!

Enhance Your Kitchen Skills

The quarantine is also a wonderful time to enhance some of your skills in the kitchen. Grab the entire family and come together to cook or bake something new. Research a few baking recipes online, and you’ll be surprised by how many of the ingredients you already have if—not all of them.

The children will love helping you get messy in the kitchen, and the aftermath of it is the best part! Who doesn’t enjoy trying new treats? This is also a great time to try out a few new meals.

Cook new meals with the family that sound delicious, and you might come out of the quarantine with some new favorite dishes!

Grow a Garden

Growing a garden improves mental health and provides something to look forward to every day. Your children will also get a bit of a science lesson when growing their new garden as well. Help them learn about how plants grow, how they respond to light and heat, and more!

Each child can have their own seed and cup to plant it in. Each child can be responsible for taking care of a growing plant. Take part in the fun yourself and plant a few herbs.

Most herbs can be grown indoors on the windowsill. Each morning, have your children water their plants and take notes on how the plant is growing. Once the seed starts to sprout, it gives your children something to look forward to every morning.

They’ll want to know how much growing the plant did overnight!

Create a Home Movie Night

Many movies that were supposed to be released in theaters have now been released for at-home videos. You can access these movies On-Demand and via other apps as well. Even if you have to pay close to $20 for each movie, this is significantly less than what you’d pay for the entire family to go to the theaters to watch it.

Create a theater vibe in your home by dimming the lights and providing all your favorite snacks. Get comfy and cozy and create a home movie night with the family! Choose some movies for moms and daughters, some for dads and sons, and some you can enjoy together.

Create a Treasure Hunt or Obstacle Course

If you want to get the children up and moving while stuck inside, then consider creating a treasure hunt or obstacle course for them to complete inside the house. Hide around 20 items inside and outside the house for your children to find. You can also opt for a ninja outdoor obstacle course and book your adventure course today.

Be sure to leave come challenging clues or hints that require your children to use their brains to figure out. The longer it takes them to find the treasure, the better. This means they’re spending time running around and using problem-solving skills.

Think of something they’ll all truly love for the treasure chest. This could be fun treats, games, toys, etc.

Take Virtual Field Trips

With the entire word in a quarantine, many museums and theme parks are allowing you to take virtual field trips. You can visit Yellowstone National Park, Disney Land, Mars, and much more. Head online to do some research and discover what virtual field trips are available to you.

Once you have one picked out, gather the entire family around and sit on the couch to explore new places together!

Try These Activities When Stuck at Home!

Being stuck at home due to the COVID-19 quarantine doesn’t mean you have to be bored all day long! Try out a few of these activities that you can do with the entire family in the comfort of your home.

Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind and as long as you have fun with these at-home activities, the whole family will remain safe!

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