A Guide to Wedding Flowers

As your big day approaches, what better time for everything to come together as your dream wedding comes to reality. Now is the perfect time to start selecting your flowers and boy are we excited! However, there are still a couple of things that you’ll need to consider. We’ve put together some of the most helpful tips for you to have the best wedding decorations melbourne and the florist ready to create stunning combos for your upcoming wedding.

1 – Do Your Part Before Visiting The Florist

Before you can get started selecting those blooms, you’ll need to visit the forest. However, before the actual visit, it is advised that you do some of your own research. In essence, you should be versed with the names of the flowers that you want and even with the most popular floral terms. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with arrangements and the various details that go with them.

2 – Think Of Your Venue When You Select Your Flowers

Both the venue and your table settings should have the greatest impact on the choice of flowers that you choose. So, before making your choice, it’s a good idea to discuss this with the florist so that your design will be perfectly splendid rather than large or even awkward. Get inspiration for wedding décor Scotland.

3 – Gather Florist Recommendations From Past Clients Or Family

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and having a reliable florist will give you the edge on perfection. As such, it’s a good idea to get recommendations from those who’ve already used these services. You’ll be able to find online reviews, or you can simply ask your friends and families. When you go the extra mile in finding a florist, more than half of the initial wedding day work is very close to being completed. You can also visit the link to contact a reputable company specializing in partner born burials.

4 – Pictures Are Worth More Than Words

Besides the casual talk, it’s also a good idea to bring along pictures of your wedding gown, the fabric swatch for your bridesmaid, your inspiration board, and just about any other thing that your florist can use for a perfectly themed floral selection. This will allow you to select the best options for your color scheme.

5 – Flowers Can Be Expensive And Are A Major Part Of The Budget

Decor and flowers tend to take up as much as 10% or even 15% of the wedding budget. So, it’s best to keep this in mind and actively determine your floral budget. Setting a budget should be done before getting carried away on how beautiful some of these arrangements are.

6 – What About The Ones Not In Season?

Before everything can fall into place, this is one thing that you’ll need to think long and hard about. Depending on the season, there’s a chance that you may not get the one you want. However, the best part is that there are tons of look-alikes to choose from. All you’ll need to do is give your florist as many details as possible.

7 – Roses? Or Was It Pink Roses?

If you’re settled on roses, it’s to remember that those come in an array of colors. So, if you’ve decided on the color already, don’t forget to let the florist know beforehand.

8 – Flowers Have Different Meanings And Styles

Wedding flowers are more than just posh centerpieces or even bouquets. The selection that you choose will portray a special meaning and even evoke certain styles. It’s your wedding day, after all, so why not give it a personal touch.

9 – Logistics Coordination

No matter what you do, there will always be some logistics involved. These can be anything from the photographer’s arrival to even removing damaged stems, vase placement, and even keeping the flowers away from the sun. It’s best to be prepared for any situation that may arise!

10 – Get A Proposal From Your Florist

When you meet with the florist, you should get a proposal. This includes the finer details such as the cost for materials, flower listing, and others. However, it’s better to get the best case and even an idea of the lower end. This gives you a better chance at exploring all the options possible.

Popular Wedding Flowers

One of the most essential parts of your special day is the wedding flowers, which add beauty, fragrance, or even a playful flash of color to your wedding. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of flowers. Even if you have a particular flower in mind, the appropriate flowers for your special day depend on your budget, color scheme, and style. Selecting a typical wedding flower that complements your wedding season and theme can lessen the tension on the big day. These classics, which range from the time-honored rose to the cutting-edge calla lily, are always in trend. You may carry your flower choice throughout the wedding by including floral details on your save-the-dates and thank-you cards.

1. Roses – A rose is a prominent and popular choice for wedding flowers. The timeless red rose represents love and purity and is a perfect choice for your wedding. You might be surprised to learn that there are more kinds of roses than you can count in a bouquet. Smaller ones, like spray roses, provide bouquets and centerpieces with a delicate finishing touch. While many roses are grown in greenhouses and are accessible all year, the majority are in their prime bloom from spring to fall. The rose is the perfect flower for any bride, wedding season, or theme because there are more than a hundred varieties with various colors and sizes.

2. Peonies – The rich and fragrant peony creates a beautiful impression ideal for a spring or summer wedding. They’re one of the most expensive flowers, which is unfortunate because everyone loves and wants them. But, if you absolutely must have peonies but your budget is limited, consider using them only in your bouquet and or as a table centerpiece. Peonies make a lovely arrangement with other cream-colored flowers and eucalyptus due to their large, delicate budding petals. Although peonies are often pink, white, or red, you can also get them in coral, mahogany, and yellow shades.

3. Hydrangeas – You can always use one or two hydrangeas minimally as part of your bouquet or make a couple into a centerpiece due to their abundant, full blooms. They represent endurance and emotion because of their heart-like form. With shades of light pink or white, hydrangeas radiate femininity and beauty. Also, their peak blooming period, from May through early September, coincides nicely with the popular wedding season. 

4. Tulips – Tulips have different exciting varieties, such as fringed and double tulips, which have twice as many petals as a typical tulip, making them considerably fuller. Another is Rembrandt tulips with lovely crimson streaks running down their petals; more varieties are available. Tulips aren’t just for Easter; they also look lovely during weddings. Every type of this beautiful flower blooms between December and April, which is also an ideal month to get married. Another good thing about tulips that makes them a popular favorite is that they are reasonably priced. The tulip has many distinct kinds and hues that match wonderfully with peonies for an impressive arrangement because of its oblong-shaped petals.

5. Carnation – With evidence of its use in Greek and Roman rites, carnations have been popular for over 2,000 years. A low-cost alternative for your wedding is the simple yet lovely carnation, which comes in a wide range of colors. Whether they serve as the centerpiece of your bouquet or an accent, these beautiful, year-round blossoms will undoubtedly breathe new life into any design. Carnations are also incredibly transportable and easy to work with because of their durability. Thanks to their fluffy petals and various colors, they are adaptable and may be used in any way you like. A winter wedding is an excellent time to use carnations because they bloom most of the year.

Popular Wedding Flower Arrangements

There are numerous possibilities for selecting lovely flower arrangements for your wedding, ranging from tiny flowers to gigantic pillars and everything in between. Here are some creative flower arrangement ideas if you want something special.

1. An arrangement that combines fresh and dried flowers

Using large amounts of preserved and dried flowers in gentle, romantic colors will be quite a hit. Think of bright yellow acheilia and Craspedia with blooms like delphiniums, statice, and gypsophila. Add blousy, fanciful grasses with beautiful nigella and poppy seed pods to create a mystical, rustic theme. Your centerpieces will immediately become more intriguing if you forgo the typical fresh arrangement and add another element. Most people adore how the fresh and dried flowers combine to blend this arrangement’s lovely texture and color.

2. Radiant ombre arrangements

This genuinely distinctive theme has a vibrant color palette with ombre flowers and spray-painted greenery. This design looks fantastic on floral arches or large tables. It’s just incredibly uplifting and powerful.

3. Explore terrariums’ flower design

The ideal way to add something classy and unique to your wedding decor is with terrariums. Think of using delicate flowers in a lovely glass container as a charming and easy way to improve the appearance of your reception tables.

4. Mix the hues of peach, amber, and gold

If you’re looking for color ideas for your wedding, soft dusky pinks and rich amber tones are becoming popular. You can create a theme around them because they suggest sunsets over the warm Mediterranean Sea. You may add ivory, creams, and gentle yellows to make the color scheme calm or raspberry and burgundy tones to make it much richer and more dramatic.

5. Combine roses and pampas grass

Choose big arrangements if you want your decor to shout out extravagance. This arrangement would stand out because it would be put together on an elaborate gold stand, and how the pieces would be combined.