A Guide to Designing a Room for Your Kid

They may not say precisely what it is they want, but kids have a lot of demands and tastes when it comes to things they love. As a parent, you have to have that sixth sense that is able to detect items that make their hearts flutter. When it comes to designing their rooms, the following is a guide to help you create an unforgettable room for them.

Make it Kid-Friendly

Children are playful. Therefore you have to make the room as playful as possible. You can furnish it with little chairs that they can fit in, a cute little mat in the middle, a dollhouse in the corner if it is a girl, or carbed if it is a boy. The bigger the space, the more flexible you can be, and the more ideas you can implement. However, do not cramp it up too much as they could trip up and get injured.

Double Up on Storage

Sometimes creativity can be limited when it comes to creating more space in a tiny room. At that point, you will have to take some drastic measures like creating wardrobes and shelves going up to the ceiling to give you room for piling things vertically, leaving space for movement all around. 

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Play Around with Colors

Kids love colors; the brighter they are, the more excited they get. Do not hold back when it comes to the wall colors for your kid’s room. As a parent, you are most likely aware of their favorite colors. You can use a different color for each side of the wall. Another creative option worth trying is installing shelves painted in different colors around the house. You can also draw shapes of their favorite cartoon characters.

Make the Most of the Space

If space proves to be a challenge, then be creative and make use of what you have. You can start by elevating the bed high up, complete with a ladder, then do something fun with the space left under it. If it is tall enough for the child to stand, then you can set up a play area under it. Maybe add some tiny chairs and a table where they can sit and read their story books or do fun stuff like drawing or playing with their toys.

Add Patterns, Shapes and Textures

You have probably seen the glow in the dark set-up somewhere. You can add glow in the dark stars on the walls and the ceilings to turn the room into a night sky. You can also add different shapes randomly on the walls and the ceilings. Another good idea would be hanging items from the ceiling; it could be a model of the solar system or a brightly colored chandelier. It will depend on the child’s preferences.

Create a Hangout Area

Make the room a safe space for them, somewhere they can run to when they want some alone time. To pull this off, you can designate one corner of the room to be their hangout area. Set up a structure aligned to something they find interesting; it could be a Red Indian hut or a little dome with pillows and a cushion. Anytime they have friends around, they can play in that area without any interruptions.

Allow them to Participate in the Designing Process

Since it is their room, your kids should have a say on what goes into it. Allowing them to be part of decision making can be very exciting for them while at the same time, it could help in building up their character. If at any point you find that your aesthetic views are clashing, let their ideas carry the day: their room, their art, their ideas. You work as a parent in that situation would be to make things happen.

Child Proof the Room

You will not always have your eyes on your child all the time; once they go into their room and lock the door, there is no knowing what could be happening behind that door. For the sake of your own peace of mind, childproof the room properly. Get rid of all the items that may pose a danger to them. If they are below the age of 5 years, you may have to do away with a lofty bed as they may fall. Pad the floors with thick rugs to reduce the impact of their fall.


Turning your kids room into a fun place is not that hard, and neither is it expensive. All you have to do is to think like a child, look at everything from their perspective in order to determine what may work for them. If they are old enough to say how they want their room to be, then work with them on that. It is a bonding experience, something that will live in their hearts forever.