A Comprehensive Outline of How to Know If You Won Lottery in Nigeria

A “lottery ticket” that many people buy every year dreaming of winning a big prize. The lottery ticket is a temporary dream. With that in mind, it is also true that “millionaires” are born every week in lottery tickets. It’s common for everyone to get a little nervous the moment they confirm the lottery win. In that case, peoples mostly wondering of How to check the lottery results? It’s easy! For example, the Golden Chance Lotto result for today you can check online at one of the Nigerian websites.

Indeed, winning the potentiality of lottery games is much easier due to the advantage of the internet. Because, In Nigeria, you can play GG World Lotto game – one of the best lottery games with the biggest jackpot in Africa! It’s a better winning possibility to provide a great moment for players that make your interest more. 

In the section below, this article will provide a detailed overview to check lottery results and gives some tips to improve your winning potentiality.

How to check the lottery winning number?

These days, you can easily confirm the troublesome lottery’s winning by simply holding it over your smartphone through the internet. It is the most convenient way to ensure your winning number. Suppose it will be posted after 17:00 on the lottery day so that you can check the results online as quickly as possible.

In that case, the most influential way is to visit the lottery official website and get the winning number just by clicking the type of lottery you bought. However, Nigerian websites also contain bank information, so the official lottery website is the most convenient as a result. Here you can check it from the information on the winning number on the top page.

Besides, the traditional way is to check the lottery winning number via reading the newspaper. You can confirm the winning number because the winning number will appear in the morning edition of the day after the lottery day. Moreover, after checking yourself, you can check the winning number more reliably by double-checking at the sales floor.  Be sure to check out Kolkata FF as well,

How to buy a lottery ticket and how to increase the winning probability?

It’s common to go to the lottery counter to buy lottery tickets, but now you can buy them online. If you are busy and have trouble going to the lottery counter, we recommend selling online. You can buy it 24 hours a day on the Internet, and you can save yourself the trouble of going there.

Moreover, you can conveniently purchase it online 24 hours a day from the official lottery website. There is a possibility that the serial number will win a larger amount than the front and back prizes when the 1st prize comes out. On the other hand, if you buy separately, you can hardly expect the front and back prizes, but the winning probability will increase.

How to draw lottery tickets?

The lottery for the opening lottery is done with an “electric windmill type lottery machine.” A windmill with a motor assigned a number from 0 to 9 is randomly rotated and shoots an arrow. After confirming that the arrow has been struck, the windmill is stopped, and the number pierced by the arrow becomes the winning number.

In many cases, two types of number selection type lottery, lottery, and numbers. In the lottery, the lottery is done with the “electric windmill type lottery machine” that is also used in the lottery and shoots arrows. Furthermore, it seems that it is a mechanism to scatter balls on the lottery machine’s wall by using the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of this lottery machine.

How to play Lotto online

The nationwide lottery Lotto Nigeria is held twice a week (Saturdays and Wednesdays). To play the Lotto, you must select six digits from the range of 1 to 49.

If you match every one of the six numbers selected in the national sports lottery, you will win the top prize. But whether you match five, four, or three numbers in the Lotto Nigeria drawings, you still have a chance to win cash.

Finding a national sports lottery agent was required early on in lotto Nigeria’s history. Those who did not know where or how to locate a lottery agent could not participate in the lottery.

NSL plc has made it possible to play Lotto Nigeria by SMS using a mobile phone in order to accommodate the rising number of Nigerians who own smartphones.

Simply text the following to 35777 to take part in Lotto Nigeria:

[Draw Day][space] [Number 1] [space] [Number 2] [space] (Number 3) [space] [Number 4] [space] [Number 5] [space] [Number 6]

The code letters for the draw days are:

Saturday (S) and Wednesday (W). Picking the numbers 5, 13, 18, 25, 36, and 44 would look like this:

Saturday draw

 S 5 13 18 25 36 44 

Wednesday draw

W 5 13 18 25 36 44 

You will receive a text message letting you know that you were able to play after this is completed successfully. Your selected numbers as well as an electronic ticket number will be texted to you by the lottery. Save these text messages since you’ll need them to claim your prize if you win.

To play, all you need is N100.

Best Online Lotteries in Nigeria

  • Best multinational and international lotteries – 24Lottos
  • Oldest online lottery site – TheLotter
  • Best payout – Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu)
  • Best odds – Golden Chance Lotto
  • Best bookmarker – Lottomania Nigeria


With a ranking of #1, 24Lottos is arguably the best lottery website; its messenger service buys lottery tickets for its users. The fantastic news is that it has a license from the NLRC making its business legal in Nigeria.

One of its strong qualities is that players may buy tickets with just one line, as opposed to other sites that require several lines for every purchase.

How Does It Work?

Every nation where we provide a lottery must have a representative, and that responsibility falls to 24Lottos. After you buy the tickets, 24Lottos agents buy them. A representative will go to a nearby shop and purchase a ticket using the numbers you specify. Your email will get a confirmation of your ticket order promptly. You can be sure you’ll enter the specific drawing with the numbers you’ve chosen by doing this. Even your fortunate numbers are now up for grabs!

Why 24Lottos Stands Out?

  • One can participate in international lotteries
  • Use your mobile device’s comfort to play games
  • Strategies for quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Convenient website
  • Participants’ winnings are transferred promptly to their wallets
  • Offers a large jackpot! Nobody can compare!
  • Offers a welcome bonus or discount when you play a lottery for the first time.
  • Has excellent customer support via chat and email.
  • Wins are paid out quickly!
  • Possesses high security and player data protection


TheLotter is the first online lottery service, enabling its users to participate in foreign lotteries from the convenience of their homes.

This lotto service provides more than 50 lottery games with some of the biggest jackpots in the globe.

They have been in operation for more than 14 years and offer a great, easy-to-use online lotto service.

The following are some advantages of using TheLotter:

  • They feature over 50 lotteries
  • Good customer support
  • The games are easy to play and
  • They have easy money deposits and withdrawals methods


Nigerian gaming company Premier Lotto Limited (PLL), commonly known as Baba Ijebu, was established in 2001.

Due to its consistent prize distributions and daily drawings, Baba Ijebu has grown remarkably popular.

Baba Ijebu games provide players with fixed odds options with a few different modes to pick from. This characteristic sets Baba Ijebu apart from other lotteries. If you are seeking a lottery game that differs from the typical ones, Baba Ijebu would be a wise pick.

Here are some of the perks of playing Premier Lotto:

  • It is authorized by law to provide its service
  • Every day of the week, drawings are held
  • Players benefit from the pricing structure since they have a choice in how much they wager
  • They provide permutation games that resemble the games from Ghana.
  • Drawings are carried live on television
  • available for use with computers, mobile devices, and the internet


Nigeria’s Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited (Golden Chance Lotto) was founded in February 2005 with the goal of providing lottery services. The National Lotteries Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and all other relevant regulatory organizations in each Nigerian state oversee Golden Chance Lotto.

The Golden Chance Lotto is the one for players who prefer playing a variety of bets because it offers 11 different bet options. Due to this, playing the Golden Chance lottery is incredibly thrilling.

Listed below are some reasons why you might enjoy their games:

  • It is simple to make a bet online
  • Lottery wins from Play Ghana Lotto is not taxed
  • They have outlets all around the nation
  • Every day, they conduct several draws.
  • They provide several promos
  • As they have a gaming license from the NLRC, it is legitimate and trustworthy


A company called LOTTOMANIA Nigeria Limited (LNL) was established with the goal of transforming Nigerians’ daily lives through the operation of lotteries and related gaming activities.

  • The finest bookmarker for the 5/90 games is Lottomania Nigeria.
  • The games can be played online on mobile devices, and on terminals.
  • Offers a one-time or multi-draw option

Tips/Strategy for Winning the Lotto

  1. First and foremost, winning the lottery is solely dependent on a person’s luck as the lottery is a game of chance. But success is greatly influenced by confidence! So begin to believe!
  2. Purchasing more tickets is an additional lottery-playing approach. Yet, we support gambling responsibly. If you believe that gambling is taking all of your money, please get help.
  3. Try using prediction software and tables. Many platforms offer prediction services and software to help players win.
  4. Participate in lottery games with modest jackpots. According to data, there are better chances of winning these lotteries. The odds are better when there are fewer numbers to catch.