A Complete Guide to Dog-Proofing Your Home and Yard

If you have pets in your home, you must be aware they require attention. You need to take care of their diet, provide them with multivitamins and take them on walks. Moreover, you must visit the doctor to ensure they are in perfect shape. However, these are not the only things an individual needs to manage.

Every dog owner needs to dog-proof their home. Whether you have a Great Dane, a Goldendoodlepuppy, or a Chihuahua dog-proofing your home is the only way to protect your dogs from unwanted harm. Your kitchen, living area, and any other room could contain items that are a threat to your canine’s safety. Once you proof every room in your house, your pet can roam around freely.

The following rooms should have proper dog proofing:

Dog Proofing your Kitchen

Kitchens should be dog-proofed before any other room. Your kitchen has several food items, medications, treats, and cleaning supplies. If your dog reaches for any of these things, he might cause trouble for himself. So make sure that your kitchens are dog-proofed before the dog comes.

To avoid unnecessary complications, you should:

  • Secure medical supplies in locked cabinets.
  • Keep garbage in lid containers.
  • Store food items in the fridge or tightly sealed containers.

Once the kitchen area is secure, it becomes an ideal spot for your dogs. You could even keep a comfy couch for them to rest. It will become his favorite spot.

Changing the Condition of your Living Room

Along with other areas, your living room also needs to be dog-proofed. Since a living room has several electrical outlets, furniture, and windows, an individual needs to pay extra attention to this area. Maybe your dog gets stuck between wires or puts a paw inside the socket. In both scenarios, the pet could sustain serious injuries.

For your dog’s unrestricted movement in the living room, make it safe for him. You could keep the windows and doors closed so that your pet doesn’t get a chance to escape. Moreover, unplug cords that are not in use.

Sometimes, toddlers leave behind their toys or food items. Make sure you pick up and dispose of these items before letting your dog into the room.

Handling the Laundry Room

Almost every home has a laundry room, and it needs proofing. Firstly, you should keep the doors of washers and dryers closed every hour.

If your dog accidentally gets into a washer, he might get seriously injured. Even few minutes within the machine could lead to head traumas, bruising, and burns.

Similarly, all of your laundry clothes should be folded and kept at a height. The same goes for detergents and cleaners. With some care, you can save your dog from multiple threats.

Dog-Proofing the Bedroom

Like other areas, the bedroom has several danger zones for your canine. Maybe you left something on the bed or the floor, and your pet puts it in his mouth. It could cause choking, and you might need to visit the hospital.

Even a loose wire could become life-threatening for your pup. So proofing is necessary even for your bedroom. From lamps to the television screen, nothing should be left unattended.

While bringing a pet home, make sure that every room is clean. Keep your bedsheets, clothing, and jewelry within a cupboard. Leaving things on the bed or the floor increases the chances of an accident.

Dog-Proofing your Yard

Every pet loves to play outside, especially dogs. Whether you take them out for a walk or play with them, they will feel great. However, that doesn’t mean you can leave your pets unattended.

Often your backyards contain dangerous obstacles which could physically injure your dog. Such as open holes or sharp tree branches. When your dog runs out to the yard, he could harm himself. Therefore, proofing your yard is a must. It is the only way to secure the premises.

Cover open holes and remove sharp objects, like tree branches, broken pots, or unlatched gates. People with pools should also not leave their pets unattended. A dog might accidentally fall into the pool and drown himself.

When opting to buy a pet, make sure you cater to his needs and provide a safe environment for him.

Dog-Proofing your Garage

While dog-proofing other rooms, don’t forget your garage. A garage is part of your home, and your dog will probably visit this area. Your garage will have several tools, chemicals, insecticides, and sharp objects. These items should be out of your pet’s reach.

If your dog accidentally consumes any chemical, it could result in severe poisoning. That is why inspect your garage before bringing a pet home.

Final Word

Your dog’s safety and security should be your priority. Keep in mind the pet’s needs when you start dog-proofing your house. For example, what is his line of sight? Whether he jumps on things or not? Once you have a clear idea of your pet’s preferences, you can make better decisions.