A Complete Guide to Arranging a Funeral for Your Loved One

The inevitable truth is that one day, your loved ones – families and friends, are eventually going to pass. The first thing you should understand is that this is okay as it is all part of life. Eventually, you are going to be on the same journey as them. Some people would love to leave this life the way they lived it – harmonious and beautiful.

The passing of a loved one comes with a lot of responsibilities but these are only temporary. Of course, we are talking about nothing else but the process of arranging a funeral. It’s not always that you have to do this so it’s common that you have questions about it. As such, we are going to help guide you towards how you can arrange a funeral for that person near and dear to you. Also, prefer Funeral Directors in Bristol that offer support to our families for as long as it’s needed after the funeral has taken place.

One of the worst things a person may go through is losing someone dear to them. It is emotionally taxing for a variety of reasons, including the requirement for hasty judgments and sensible plans.

In order to help you make the choices necessary to commemorate and honor your loved ones in the most meaningful way possible, each stage aims to educate you about the factors, alternatives, and support services.

Whom to Notify First

Depending on the location and circumstances of your loved one’s demise, various persons need to be informed.

Please refer to the list below to determine who is the suggested initial point of contact.

  • A family Doctor or the local hospital – If a loved one passes away at aged care or hospice
  • Hospital Staff – if a loved one passes away in a hospital
  • Unexpectedly or at any other place (including at home) – In the course of handling unexpected fatalities, the police are frequently involved. A funeral director will be hired by the police to help with the urgent logistical needs. Documents can then be transferred to your choice of Funeral Director by them.f

Notify Close Relatives and Friends

Of course, the beginning of the funeral arrangement process is to first notify the person’s family and friends. This is important as they have been a part of the life of the person and they would want to pay their respects one last time. Inform that the funeral details are still on the way but they’ll be notified once it’s available.

This process is also important as your friends and relatives could also help you arrange the funeral as well. They could have some contacts they can direct you to during this time of need.

Arrangement of Dependents

Make plans for your dependents, your pets, and your property. When long-term solutions are being developed, make arrangements for interim care for dependents and animals. It is also wise to secure any property or assets and, if necessary, have mail forwarded to a different location.

Pick a Disposition Method

This is really an integral part of the process. Before thinking about the wake, it is a must that you and the rest of the family discuss how the person should be honored one last time. Should they be traditionally buried in a casket or a coffin? Or should they be cremated which is now becoming a popular choice?

The traditional method is preferred as it is seen as one of the best ways to honor a person. It is also easy to visit their final resting place every once in a while. However, the problem with burials is that they are more expensive. Aside from buying a plot in a cemetery, you also have to pay for regular maintenance fees as well.

As traditional burials are rather pricey, people are now choosing cremation instead.

Cremation is the process through which a body is incinerated and turned into ashes, gases, and dust called cremains. The ashes are usually placed in an urn which you can take home. The folks at https://www.faircremation.co.uk/ say that considering that you no longer have to pay for a plot of land or maintenance fees, cremation is the cheaper way to honor your loved one. Another benefit is that since you can take the urn home, you’ll be able to be at peace knowing that your passed loved one is always nearby.

Find Average Costs

Don’t try to rush the arrangement process. It’s always better to have many options ahead of you considering that funerals can cost a lot. Make sure that you check out the average costs of the services that you are going to avail of so that you can find which funeral home services are going to fit your budget.

It’s easy to find and contact funeral services nowadays. Aside from calling them through the phone, you can also try reaching out to them on their social media platforms. Some services even have a website that you can check out. As such, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t weigh your options.

Think about your options for burial, cremation, and funeral services

Take into account your preferences for the funeral service and how you want your loved one to be remembered.

If a site has not been scheduled, one will need to be chosen.

Selecting a Funeral Director

A director of funerals will:

  • Compile and compile all necessary documents, including the death certificate processing.
  • Get ready and move the deceased
  • Make choices and comprehend your alternatives in light of any necessary religious or ceremonial obligations.
  • Get the assistance you want while planning a funeral

The services and packages that funeral directors provide are varied. Make a list of any questions you may have to assist you to pick which funeral director is best for you and your family.

Selecting a coffin or casket and transportation

Legally, the dead must be transported in a closed container (coffin or casket).

A wide variety of solutions are available, so it is advised to talk with your funeral director about what would work best for your requirements and financial situation.

A coffin has a flat lid made of wood or material comparable to it, is formed at the shoulders, and is made.

A casket is made of wood or metal, and has a rectangular form, with either a flat or domed cover.

You can get assistance from different talented florists in choosing a flower design that goes well with the color and finish of the coffin or casket you have chosen.

Depending on your family’s requirements, your funeral director might offer alternatives and prices for coffins and caskets.

They will also oversee transportation and offer administrative support.

Arranging a Viewing

Viewings are typically held at the family’s house or another suitable venue, such as a funeral home or inside facilities that were specially designed for the purpose.

The corpse is displayed in an open casket or coffin so that those present can say their last goodbyes.

Funeral directors help with the last preparations before a viewing.

Funeral or Memorial Service

A life lived can be honored and celebrated via funeral rituals and festivities. It is a moment to join with loved ones and friends and show unity, as with all big life milestones.

The ritual, along with new and traditional customs, enables us to grieve in the right way. They enable us to consider our sorrow, our thanks, and our recollections. They provide us the chance to express our sorrow and start the healing process via connection and support.

On the day of the funeral, funeral directors are crucial. They arrange for the deceased’s safe transfer and complete all necessary paperwork. They help families with the day’s activities and can collaborate with the family on any previously agreed-upon wishes and special requests.

After-Service Functions

After the ceremony, many families decide to hold a gathering so that loved ones may come together to encourage one another and share memories of their lost one.

Pick a Funeral Service, Buy What You Want

Arranging a funeral might seem difficult at first but in truth, it’s only the first parts that are tough. Once you find a funeral service to help you out, they’ll do most of the things that need to be done. Of course, they’ll be there to guide you throughout the duration of the entire process.

They are going to offer you packages that come with all of the works when it comes to funerals. If the price is too steep for you, you can opt out and create your own package instead. People save a lot of money by choosing to be picky with the packages they avail and you should too.

The passing of a person that’s near and dear to you hurts a lot. However, it’s going to be a lot worse if you don’t give them the proper send-off they deserve. As we’ve said, the only tough part of arranging the funeral is the early stages so stay strong and you’ll get through it eventually.