8 Ways to Create a Modern Garden That Will Freshen Up Your Backyard

Since the start of the pandemic, more people than ever are dedicating time in their backyards to their plants. And with all of this time spent outdoors comes a desire to make their gardens look as fresh and cohesive as possible. 

Maybe you want to create a modern garden, but you’re not sure where to start. Do you have to stick with a certain color scheme? What elements make a backyard modern?

Keep reading for 8 tips that will help you design the modern garden of your dreams. Also, if you live in an apartment and doesn’t have enough space, you can check out this definitive guide on how to start a balcony garden. 

1. Opt for a Neutral Color Palette

Modernism is all about the neutrals. Instead of choosing bright pops of color, opt for whites, beige, or cool grays. Black and brown can be used to add focal points. 

2. Add a Modern Water Feature

Not only does a water feature look amazing, but it adds a serene feel to your garden, turning it into a tranquil oasis. 

Add in a modern pond, fountain, or waterfall. You can even place fish in the water feature to add pops of color and life (just remember to take care of them!). 

3. Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

One of the advantages of modern furnishings is that they’re low-maintenance and durable.

When looking for things to add to your garden, choose materials like stone, concrete, metal, and plastic. This way, your items will last a long time and not need to be cleaned as often. 

4. Elevate Planters to Create Multiple Eye Levels

The focal point of your garden will likely be your plants, but you shouldn’t have to stare at the ground to enjoy them. Use raised beds made of modern materials to lift some of your plants up to eye level. 

5. Install a Pergola 

Pergolas are great for adding shade to your backyard patio, and they also support climbing plants. Add a pergola to your garden and place chairs underneath to soak in the views. 

6. Pick out Soft Lighting

Don’t forget to light your contemporary garden! String lights, outdoor lamps, and lights for pathways are all popular options to consider. You might even add lights to your water feature so it can be seen at night. 

7. Extend the Modernity to Your Plants

What are modern plants? Think small trees or tropicals, as well as hedges that have sharp lines. Fill your planting beds or containers with lush shades of green, and choose plants that are of varying heights. 

Companies like Brothers Services can help you craft the landscape design you’re picturing. 

8. Keep It Simple

Bold color focal points and a bunch of embellishments or details aren’t needed when it comes to a modern garden. Pick out furniture that incorporates colors and textures from nature, and you’re good to go!

Create a Modern Garden You Love

With these 8 action steps for turning your backyard into a modern garden getaway, you have all of the ideas you need to get started. Stick to low-maintenance materials and neutral colors, and your garden design is sure to wow.

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