8 Tips on Choosing a Comfortable Office Desk

Your desk is one of the unsung heroes in your job. Though most people may forget this, your office performance is directly affected by the desk you use. With a good desk, you have smooth and comfortable office days. On the other hand, when you have the wrong type of desk, you have a miserable workday and put your health at risk. For this reason, if you are yet to, you need to make plans and get a more comfortable desk as soon as possible. Read on for information to help you pick the most comfortable desk that will make you the most productive.

Consider Your Office Layout and Location

Before you go for a desk shopping, have a clear picture of your office layout. This is where you consider factors, such as the size of your office. Additionally, consider other factors, such as the windows’ dimensions and sockets’ location in the office. This will help you understand how the office should be arranged, thus, helping you pick the perfect desk.

Look at The Space of Your Office

The space in your office is a major aspect when it comes to buying office furniture. No matter how good a desk looks, you cannot buy it if it does not fit in your office. Therefore, do not make the mistake of buying an Office Desk without carefully considering the space in your office. It is necessary to take the exact measurements in your office when buying the desk to ensure that you have the desk that fits well in the office.

Consider The Comfort of the Desk

Ideally, you spend around 40 hours a week on your desk. For this reason, you cannot afford to have an uncomfortable desk. Instead, ensure that you go for a desk that meets your specific needs and provides maximum comfort. For example, You can buy an under-desk wireless charger, which is considered to have comfort features because it can help to get rid of extra cords from your workspace.

Know Your Preferences

One has specific preferences when making any investment. When looking for a desk, there are probably some preferences that you would have in an ideal desk. For instance, you may want a desk with a specific number of drawers, a certain style and design, among other specifications. Do not ignore any of these preferences when looking for a desk because ignoring them makes you end up investing in something you are not proud of. Therefore, be specific when looking for the desk and ensure you that the one you buy meets your preferences.

Check The Quality of the Desk

A desk is not an investment that you make now and then. For this reason, when buying the desk, ensure that you buy one that will serve you for a long time without frustrating you. You can easily confirm the quality of the desk by checking its drawers. If the drawers can open and close easily even when bearing weight, this is a quality desk. You can also check the edges and corners of the desk to ensure that there is no fraying.

Identify How You Intend to Use the Desk

How you expect to use the desk helps you determine the best type. For instance, if you intend to use a computer on the desk, go for a desk specifically designed for computers. On the other hand, if you need a desk for paperwork, get one with enough top space or an overhead cabinet to accommodate your pile of papers. If your desk is for both computer and paperwork, an L-shaped table is the best since it provides more space and gives an impressive look.


An ideal desk is one that provides clear space for your legs. The desk should have a height of about 29 to 30 inches from the floor. Additionally, if you intend to use a computer on the desk, the height should be comfortable enough to allow you to use the keyboard without causing muscle strain. The desk should also not have a sharp edge to prevent unnecessary pressure, especially when typing.

The Finishing of the Desk

The finishing of a desk could motivate or ruin your working mood. A thoroughly finished desk with a motivating color makes it easier for you to work on it. Additionally, a well finished desk makes your office beautiful. This not only makes working smoother but also attracts more customers and clients.


A good desk is a paramount item in your office. However, selecting the best desk among the many options available is easier said than done. Use the tips given above to help you buy a desk that will not lead you to future regrets.

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