8 Tips on Choosing a Comfortable Office Desk

Your desk is one of the unsung heroes in your job. Though most people may forget this, your office performance is directly affected by the desk you use. With a good desk, you have smooth and comfortable office days. On the other hand, when you have the wrong type of desk, you have a miserable workday and put your health at risk. For this reason, if you are yet to, you need to make plans and get a more comfortable desk as soon as possible. Read on for information to help you pick the most comfortable desk that will make you the most productive.

Consider Your Office Layout and Location

Before you go for a desk shopping, have a clear picture of your office layout. This is where you consider factors, such as the size of your office. Additionally, consider other factors, such as the windows’ dimensions and sockets’ location in the office. This will help you understand how the office should be arranged, thus, helping you pick the perfect desk.

Look at The Space of Your Office

The space in your office is a major aspect when it comes to buying office furniture. No matter how good a desk looks, you cannot buy it if it does not fit in your office. Therefore, do not make the mistake of buying an Office Desk without carefully considering the space in your office. It is necessary to take the exact measurements in your office when buying the desk to ensure that you have the desk that fits well in the office.

Consider The Comfort of the Desk

Ideally, you spend around 40 hours a week on your desk. For this reason, you cannot afford to have an uncomfortable desk. Instead, ensure that you go for a desk that meets your specific needs and provides maximum comfort. For example, You can buy an under-desk wireless charger, which is considered to have comfort features because it can help to get rid of extra cords from your workspace.

Know Your Preferences

One has specific preferences when making any investment. When looking for a desk, there are probably some preferences that you would have in an ideal desk. For instance, you may want a desk with a specific number of drawers, a certain style and design, among other specifications. Do not ignore any of these preferences when looking for a desk because ignoring them makes you end up investing in something you are not proud of. Therefore, be specific when looking for the desk and ensure you that the one you buy meets your preferences.

Check The Quality of the Desk

A desk is not an investment that you make now and then. For this reason, when buying the desk, ensure that you buy one that will serve you for a long time without frustrating you. You can easily confirm the quality of the desk by checking its drawers. If the drawers can open and close easily even when bearing weight, this is a quality desk. You can also check the edges and corners of the desk to ensure that there is no fraying.

Identify How You Intend to Use the Desk

How you expect to use the desk helps you determine the best type. For instance, if you intend to use a computer on the desk, go for a desk specifically designed for computers. On the other hand, if you need a desk for paperwork, get one with enough top space or an overhead cabinet to accommodate your pile of papers. If your desk is for both computer and paperwork, an L-shaped table is the best since it provides more space and gives an impressive look.


An ideal desk is one that provides clear space for your legs. The desk should have a height of about 29 to 30 inches from the floor. Additionally, if you intend to use a computer on the desk, the height should be comfortable enough to allow you to use the keyboard without causing muscle strain. The desk should also not have a sharp edge to prevent unnecessary pressure, especially when typing.

The Finishing of the Desk

The finishing of a desk could motivate or ruin your working mood. A thoroughly finished desk with a motivating color makes it easier for you to work on it. Additionally, a well finished desk makes your office beautiful. This not only makes working smoother but also attracts more customers and clients.

Different types of office desk

Learn about the most typical desk designs for offices, the people who benefit most from each workstation, and its advantages. Think about which desk will work best with the layout of your office.

Computer desks in a Fermilab control room

Computer Desk

Computer desks are ideal for employees who do most of their work on a computer. Many characteristics that facilitate the usage of a computer may be found on a computer desk, such as:

  • Built-in cable holes can help you keep your desktop area organized and wire-free.
  • Cupboards for monitors. To hide monitors, wires, and other computer equipment that might otherwise be seen below the desk, there are monitor cabinets.
  • Computer stands to help minimize neck craning and improve the visibility of computer screens. Normally, this functionality is offered separately.

Writing Desk

A flat surface on a writing desk is intended to help with handwriting tasks. Writing desks frequently have drawers where one may keep writing supplies including pens, paper, and other office supplies.

Desk credenza

A credenza desk is the best option for people who have a big storage space requirement. The desk features storage space above the desktop in the form of cabinets, shelves, and drawers. A “hutch” is any shelf located above the desktop.

Carrel Desk

Carrel desks are typically seen in places where desktop privacy is necessary, including libraries or university study spaces. A carrel desk has barriers put at the corners to divide your workstation from your partner’s desk and offers a private space for working on a laptop, writing, or reading.

Trestle Desk

A desk with two rather than four legs is referred to as a trestle desk. The desk is made in such a way that disassembling it is simple. A trestle desk is fantastic for accommodating numerous individuals and would be a great option for anyone searching for an area for their art or design work.

A lap desk

For people with impairments or those who like to work from a cozy location like a sofa or bed, a lap desk is ideal. The lap desk unfolds to provide an elevated desk area on your lap like a breakfast-in-bed tray. A lap desk is the best option if your health prevents you from sitting comfortably at a desk all day.

The two-sided desk

Collaboration areas benefit greatly from using dual-sided desks. It comprises two desks that are joined and occasionally share legs. A dual-sided workstation is a perfect answer if you need to maximize space or improve communication while working.

Executive Desk

The everyday duties of an executive are supported by an executive desk. The executive desk typically features huge file drawers and storage areas, taking up more room overall. Pedestal desks and executive desks are similar; however, executive desks take up significantly more room.

Stand-Up Desk

Using a standing desk makes it easier to work vertically. Standing desks frequently have height adjustments so you may work at the ideal height. With a standing desk, you may choose between sitting and standing. Standing as you work can help you maintain high energy levels and prevent lower back pain after a long workday.

Corner Desk

As its name implies, a corner desk is made to fit into a room’s corner. Corner desks may be great options for saving space since they provide the user additional room on each side to set things like coffee, papers, and office supplies. A corner desk differs from an L-shaped desk in that it features a corner piece that is more comfortable for the user to sit against while facing the corner rather than a square edge.

Secretary Desk

A secretary desk, sometimes known as the “swiss army knife of desks,” is one of the most adaptable pieces of furniture. The desk of a secretary resembles a cabinet with a pull-down shelf that serves as a workspace. When not in use, a secretary’s desk may be folded away to fit in with the surroundings and conceal your messy office. The secretary desk is the perfect choice if you need to conserve space and want a piece of furniture that serves several purposes.

Steel Desk

Another long-lasting choice for your office desks that will survive the test of time is a metal desk. If you choose a metal desk, make sure your working area is adequately heated because metal might grow chilly in a cold atmosphere.

Gaming Desk

An adjustable-height desk that has space for monitors, gaming consoles, speakers, and other equipment is what is known as a gaming desk. It is used for leisurely gaming activities.

Desk Bench System

For setting up a cooperative workstation, a bench system desk works perfectly. Several workers may work at one desk because of its extra-long design, which makes it possible to add more seats and monitors.

Wave Desk

The desktop of a wave desk features a curved front, making one end deeper than the other. This makes it possible for a user’s body to fit into a modern, ergonomic desktop computer area and gives the dominant hand extra support.

Roll-Top Desk

Another foldaway-style desk that works well for a home office is a roll-top desk. Just roll down the roll-top desk to hide the paperwork and files if your workstation is frequently messy. This desk might make it easier for you to unplug from work after a long day if you work from home.

Treadmill Desk

For people who want to keep active and in shape, a treadmill desk is an ideal option. By choosing a treadmill desk, you can become the ultimate multitasker and burn calories as you work. The desk resembles a regular treadmill and has a desktop with functional controls.

Desk in U shape

A U-shaped workstation gives you a wraparound workplace by combining the functions of a desk, a bridge, and a credenza. The rear of the desk, which is made out of storage or a cabinet unit, is connected to the front desk by a bridge. High-level executives with large space needs or anyone else who wants a businesslike environment in their office frequently use this desk.

Bow-Front Desk

The curving edge of a bow-front desk drapes over the user, providing greater room for writing. Those who need to take notes while using the computer will find this to be the perfect desktop workstation.

The front desk

A reception desk is a desk with room for desktop computers and a sign-in page that makes it easy to communicate with guests. The typical welcome desk has many levels, giving the receptionist privacy while still enabling interaction with visitors to the workplace.

Floating Desk

A desk without legs is referred to as a floating desk. As an alternative, it is hinged to the wall and frequently folds away when not in use. An effective way to save space and make a room multipurpose is with a floating desk.

Desk for Butler

Documents and files are kept and edited on a butler’s desk. It has the appearance of a conventional set of drawers; the top shelf is the only one that can be folded down to provide file storage space and a writing ledge. This desk is best used as an additional surface for handling administrative activities rather than as a primary workplace desk.

Cabinet Desk

Armoire desks are the greatest solution to hide a desk if you want to incorporate a desk into your space without it seeming like a desk.

Desk with a phone

A telephone desk is often a vintage desk or table with room for an analog phone and a place to take notes. It resembles a little end table, but it is higher and occasionally has a chair attached.

Vanity Desk

A vanity desk is a piece of multipurpose furniture that doubles as a desk or dressing table and frequently includes a tiny seat or stool. If you own a salon for beauty products or cosmetics, a vanity gives your furnishings more versatility.

Lectern Desk

Reading is made easier, and speaking is made easier with a lectern desk. It can be a small reading desk or a tall lectern desk, enabling lectures to be given while standing. A lectern desk’s work surface is angled, making it simple to lay your reading materials there without straining your neck or holding them in your hands.

L-shaped desk

A ladder desk is a contemporary workstation that has been integrated into a ladder to function as both a desk and a shelf unit. Because of its compact design, the ladder desk is fashionable and perfect for a tiny home office. A ladder desk’s storage is useful for storing items like books and office supplies.

Kitchen Desk

A kitchen workstation provides you a perfect area to pay bills or work remotely while maximizing your available space. Instead of setting aside room for a dry bar, you may choose to place a kitchen workstation there.

Desk-work Station

A workstation desk is perfect for a shared or open workplace setting. You can fit multiple workstations in one space, and the partitions between the desks add a measure of seclusion.

Revolving desk

One of the most sociable desk designs that also promotes teamwork is the circular desk. A large number of workers may assemble around a circular desk with ample room to spread around and work while interacting face-to-face.

The ideal location for your desk

Choose a source of natural light to situate your workstation in the best possible way. Natural light makes one feel more awake and energized throughout the day and has a substantial positive influence on productivity. Also, it will offer a fantastic location for video conferencing, so you will not appear to be in a foreboding prison. If you are prone to get sidetracked by what’s going on outside, you might want to set up your desk with its back to the window or perpendicular to one.

  • Natural lighting
  • Quiet
  • Privacy (unless the desk is for a shared workplace setting) (unless the desk is for a collaborative office environment)
  • Temperature control

It will assist to guarantee that you are at your new workstation comfortably and productively if it has these characteristics.


A good desk is a paramount item in your office. However, selecting the best desk among the many options available is easier said than done. Use the tips given above to help you buy a desk that will not lead you to future regrets.


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